What are the Length Difference Between the Trains?

We know the dream of walking down the aisle wearing a beautiful dress with a fabulous train to match. Your personal preference will judge how long you’d like your train to be. Different length trains will suit brides with different figures and different wedding ceremonies. So what are the length difference between the trains?

Sweep Train

The length of the train to the floor is shorter than 30cm. Usually the back hem is only a few inches lower than the front hem. It is perfect for an elegant informal or semi-formal wedding gown.


Court Train

The length of the train is 30cm to 50cm. This kind of train would be great for a semi-formal wedding ceremony.

Chapel Train

The train length is 50cm to 80cm. It is perfect for a semi-formal wedding gown but could be used for a formal or informal wedding gown as well.

Cathedral Train

Usually the train length is 80cm to 130cm. This is usually used for a formal wedding. These dresses often come with a bustling option or a removable train to allow for better movement on the dance floor.

Royal Train

The train length is over 130cm. Also called a Monarch train, this train is typically used for very formal weddings.

Watteau Train

This is the train attached to shoulder of the wedding dress. It’s an ideal way to show the fabric of the fabric of your dress.

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