Which Wedding Dress Style Should You Choose to Best Flatter Your Body?

The best wedding dress is beautifully designed, is made from exceptional materials, and perfectly flatters every single aspect of your body so you feel beautiful at every moment of your wedding. At JJ’s House, we offer more than 1,000 types of stunning wedding dresses for every body type and taste. But with so many styles to choose from, how do you know which one will play up your assets?

Take a look at our guide to different types of wedding dress silhouettes below to find the type of design that will fit you best. Each dress from JJ’s House is made to order, so you can count on a garment that precisely fits your measurements and makes you feel like a star.



Like the princess name implies, you’ll feel like royalty in an A-line/princess wedding dress. The flowing bottom and narrow top create an “A” shape that adds elegance to these dreamy gowns. Brides who have concerns about large hips and who want extra comfort at their weddings can move around comfortably in these garments.

Defining characteristics:

  • Narrow cut on top
  • Full skirt
  • Unbroken skirt line

Best for these body types: If you want to minimize a full bust, a full skirt that is less form-fitting balances out a sexy top. A-line skirts are also universally flattering, making them great for voluptuous, full-figured ladies. Pear shapes who want to conceal fuller hips can play up other assets by using a full skirt. Lean and athletic types benefit from the curve appeal these types of dresses offer.


Ball Gown

Ball wedding gowns evoke the most formal of styles for wedding dress attire, since their attention-grabbing skirts are often multi-layered and extremely full, making them steal the spotlight at your wedding. Layers of ruffles, tulle, and satin organza provide endless details for onlookers to discover. Trains add extra dramatic flair for formal weddings.

Defining characteristics:

  • Fitted bodice
  • Natural waist fit
  • Dramatically full skirt

Best for these body types: Busty ladies will love ball gowns, which balance out a top-heavy look and feature a fitted bodice and cinching at the waist to keep brides supported. Brides with boxy figures will also benefit from the instant curves and feminine appeal ball gowns create. Ladies with average and tall heights won’t get lost in these gowns like petite figures might.



Empire gowns are another type of dress that flatters just about any body type, with a fitted top and high skirt that create the illusion of long legs. Brides who want to focus on their assets above the waist can look for delicate details on fitted bodices. Empire gown skirts can range from soft and more flowy, to structured and straighter, while all provide coverage and a comfortable fit.

Defining characteristics:

  • High waist
  • Fitted top
  • Straight and long skirt

Best for these body types: Empire gowns are perfect for boyish waistlines and boxy or rectangular shapes, since they cinch the waist to create instant curves. Added volume in the waist helps to create an hourglass look you will love. Empire gowns are also ideal for petite ladies, since their designs bring the gaze up to create a longer silhouette. Plus-size and pregnant brides will also feel comfortable with the amount of coverage empire gowns offer.



Sheath and column dresses may seem deceptively simple, but they are actually some of the most elegant wedding dress styles around. With beautiful details like lace, beading, and notice-me necklines, you can go as fancy as you want with sheaths, or opt for a more natural look that still comes out stunning.

Defining characteristics:

  • Simple, straight up-and-down lines
  • Look can range from bohemian/beachy simplicity, to sexily detailed
  • Offers a play on updated vintage

Best for these body types: Sheaths deceivingly add length, making them perfect for petite ladies who want to create more of a presence with the help of their dress. Athletic and lean figures can play up toned arms and shoulders with a strapless sheath style. Mature brides and those craving a modest look will love the classic and pure elegance column dresses offer.



Think of those ladies of the sea when you envision mermaid wedding dresses, which are fitted from the waist to the knee then flare out below the knee for a captivating style. Similarly, trumpet wedding dresses feature a straight skirt that has a more fitted look, before it flares out at the mid-thigh or knees to create a trumpet shape. These curve-hugging silhouettes are wildly popular today, since they blend the feminine fun of a flowy skirt with a curve-enhancing fit.

Best for these body types: Trumpet and mermaid silhouettes hug curves to create a slimming and sexy effect for hourglass figures. They’re also great for petite figures who want to accentuate their curves without getting lost under piles of fabrics.


More Tips for Shopping for Wedding Dresses for Your Body

In addition to these general recommendations for diverse styles of wedding dresses, here are some additional tips to consider based on your body type:

  • Athletic:
    • Show off toned legs with a slit
    • Highlight toned arms and shoulders with a dress that has a fuller skirt and draws eyes up to a fitted bodice
  • Busty:
    • Square, sweetheart, and scooped necklines don’t hide your assets but also keep you secure and comfortable in your dress
    • Fabrics with sheen, like organza and silk, or material that is ruched will draw attention to your chest and add volume
  • Hourglass:
    • Highlight curves by choosing a dress that cinches at the waist
    • Sheath and column dresses may cling where you don’t want them to, revealing extra inches without the support and cinching your body type needs
  • Petite:
    • Shorter styles can elongate petite figures
    • Waistlines that hit above your natural waist give the illusion of a longer shape
  • Plus-size:
    • Avoid a maternity look be steering clear of pleating on dresses like empire styles
    • Keep in mind dresses should flatter your shape, not hide it by being too loose, so look for fabrics that offer structure
  • Pregnant:
    • If you anticipate being bigger in your belly on your wedding day, an empire gown ensures you’ll still have a great fit when you buy your gown now
    • Look for a soft skirt in a stretchy, unconstricting fabric to accommodate your growing miracle
  • Tall:
    • Tall figures benefit from simple styles, which emphasize a nature shape
    • Make sure dresses are designed for your height, so that the proportions of the waistline and hem reflect your size

If you still feel stuck, gain some wedding dress inspiration by researching what like-bodied celebs have worn to their weddings. Often, the characteristics of several types of dresses may be ideal for women who have unique body types (think curvy plus petite, or pear-shaped and tall). You may be surprised to find a dress that flatters your body type when you didn’t expect it to.

The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable in your dress so you can feel confident during every moment of your wedding. Browse all our wedding dress styles here now.


To make it easier to determine the best wedding dress styles for you while looking at JJ’s House dresses, download a PDF version of our wedding dress guide: Wedding Dress Guide

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