7 Tips to Decorate the Wedding with Artificial Flowers

bouquet of assorted-color flowers hanged on brown plank with white textile

While there is still an old belief that artificial flowers look tacky and cheap, they are slowly becoming more and more popular in the world of wedding decor. Every day more and more brides are opting for faux flowers, whether for their wedding bouquets or for venue decoration.

There are many advantages of using artificial flowers for your wedding. If you’re still thinking about it, don’t worry. We have gatherers some of the best things about faux flowers, as well as some beautiful decor examples you can have on your wedding day.

The Advantages of Using Artificial Flowers

Before deciding which type of flowers you will be using on your wedding day, we suggest you read on to see the benefits of using artificial flowers on your big day.

They are Always in Season

One of the best things about artificial flowers is that they are available all year long. While some brides think about how to get those peonies or orchids in the middle of fall, with faux flowers you don’t even have to think about it. You don’t have to stick to seasonal flowers, but choose whatever flowers you want.

Colorful Free-Form Silk Flower Decorations/Wedding Table Flowers
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Long-Lasting Flowers, You Can Keep Them Forever

Artificial flowers won’t face the challenge of hot weather. Most flowers start to look sad in heat, but with faux ones, you simply won’t have that problem.

Not only they look great on your wedding day, but they also last as long as you wish. Some brides kept their wedding bouquets that are now in vases in their homes as part of the decoration.

Colorful Free-Form Silk Flower Decorations/Wedding Table Flowers
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This fact might be the obvious one, but just to make sure you know it. Artificial flowers are much cheaper than the ones you get fresh from your florist. In some cases, though, luxurious faux flower arrangements can cost more or the same as fresh flowers, but usually they are more budget-friendly.

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The fact that artificial flowers are allergy-free is important not only for you but for your guests as well. For some people, allergies represent a serious problem, so being at a wedding, surrounded by fresh flowers can easily turn into a nightmare. With faux flowers, you don’t even have to think about it. Everyone will enjoy it!

Lovely Single Flower Round Cloth Wrist Corsage
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Easy Transport

Destination weddings are beautiful but also harder to organize than regular ones. Especially if you want luxurious flower decorations. Many brides are thinking about how to transport flowers and keep them fresh. We have an answer – artificial flowers.

You need to think about the country you are going to have your destination wedding. They might not have every flower you have imagined for your decor. However, with artificial ones, you can always have whatever you want and transport them much easier. 

Artificial Silk Flower Sets (set of 2) - Wrist Corsage/Boutonniere
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No Surprises

With fresh flowers, you never know when they can change or start looking old and sad. That is definitely not a case with faux flowers. They will look the same from the beginning to the end of your wedding day.

Ladies Special Silk Flower Headbands
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The great thing about artificial flowers or arrangements is that they can be repurposed all over again. You can keep the arrangements after the wedding and use them for your home decoration, another celebration or gift them to your bridesmaids.

Simple Beautiful Elegant Classic Floral Silk Flower Artificial Flowers (Sold in a single)
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Where to Use Artificial Flowers At the Wedding

Now that you have learned about the benefits of having artificial flowers, let’s see how they look and where you can use them. Just a heads up – you will be blown up by these decoration ideas to match your stunning wedding dress.

①Entrance gate

Arch made of artificial flowers

At first glance, these roses look so real, that you need to look more carefully. Don’t you agree? Will you believe us if we tell you that this lovely entrance arch was made of artificial flowers? Lovely lavender will surely make a statement. A combination of these flowers is great for all seasons.

②Flowers on the Candle Stand

Artificial Flowers
ID: 178268

Greenery alone is not so popular. But can you see how beautiful it looks around the candle stand? You can use any other artificial flower to make your candles stand out. We suggest these lovely romantic roses and green eucalyptus leaves.

③Flower wall

Wall made of artificial flowers

The flower wall looks amazing with faux flowers. You can make a combination you like, pick both flowers and greenery, and make a great background for photos. Use a bunch of roses to make your wall extravagant.

④Table Flowers with Pearls

Wooden centerpieces with pearls and artificial flowers

You can combine a lovely wooden centerpiece with your artificial flowers. These circles have pearls that make the centerpiece even more beautiful. Add roses, peonies, or make your perfect mix of flowers.

⑤Cake Decorations

From very simple and minimalistic wedding cakes to those with layers – you can decorate them all with artificial flowers. They will get a whole new vibe. Flowers on cake give it a freshness, chic look, and most of all you can keep all the decor.

Personalized Bride And Groom/Simple Design Wooden Cake Topper
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⑥Floral Bar

You can easily turn your wedding bar from looking ordinary to amazing with this wedding centerpiece. It is made of a combination of flowers, has an amazing bohemian vibe with just a pinch of blush pink.

⑦Floral Chandelier

Chandelier made of artificial roses

If you want your guests to be amazed by your wedding decor, then you should use artificial flowers for a chandelier. You can opt for one huge chandelier that will be located in the center of the venue or you can put a few smaller ones across the room. It is left for you to choose from. Both of these will look amazing with artificial flowers.


If you have had a different opinion about artificial flowers, we hope you have changed it after this article. Alongside all benefits we have listed above, faux flowers are looking really nice when you have an idea of how to decorate them. Pick high-quality ones and combine them depending on the season. For winter months, pick something darker, sophisticated. However, don’t hesitate to mix and match colors for spring and summer.

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