Wedding Cakes Trends 2019

Along with wedding dress trends for this season, that we have seen on the runway shows, there are some predictions about the wedding cake trends that will take over 2019. There are so many options for sweet tables and cakes that we just can’t wait to show them to you!

Gone are the days when wedding cakes looked all the same. Now with all these options, layers, decorations, you can have a cake from your dreams.

If you are ready for a dose of sweet inspiration, read on!

Textured Layers of Buttercream

Who doesn’t like layers and layers of buttercream icing on the cake? For this year, wedding cake designers are using special knives to make wonderful layers of cream that make your cake looks lovely. The frosting is usually colored in pastel shades – perfect for romantic, vintage and rustic wedding themes.

Cake Made of Doughnuts

If your wedding is anything but traditional, opt for doughnut cake instead of having the usual one. Along with the doughnut wall that you can include, feed your guests with a soft, creamy cake made of sweet, topped doughnuts. 

Single Level Cake

Single level cakes present minimalism at its best. This cake is not only a more affordable option for couples but also looks gorgeous. Single level cakes can be decorated with fresh flowers, interesting layers, frostings, or colors.

Cheesecake as a Wedding Cake

Cheesecakes are such a delight! If you have thought that you can’t make it as your wedding cake, this year’s trends say you can! While actually made of different types of cheese, these cakes can be decorated with fresh fruits, greenery, or flowers.

Naked Cake

While layers of buttercream cover all the texture of the cake, you can actually opt for not having a frosting at all. These ‘naked’ cakes are predicted to be super trendy in 2019. Bakers tend to make cakes look like they have a velvet coat over, and always leave small texture holes.

Copper Decoration

Instead of gold decor, this year, you should opt for copper. It will dominate on white frosting or on naked cakes. Combine copper icing with oversized flowers and don’t hesitate to show off your wedding cake on a matching copper tray.

Edible Flower Cake

Fresh flowers are great decoration addition to all wedding cakes. However, can we eat them? Absolutely not. However, this year, bakers surprised us with edible 2D flowers that look great on white buttercream layers. These lovely flowers look lovely, romantic, and vintage at the same time.

Geometric Shaped Cake

Sharp geometric lines are one of the features of the modern wedding theme. Accordingly, bakers predicted geometric cake lines as one of the leading trends for this year. Sharp angles are combined with dark frosting shades, as well as marble design.

Rustic Watercolored Cake

Watercolored frosting will match with rustic, vintage, and romantic wedding themes. From vibrant hues to the pastel ones – everything will look great on both single and multi-layered cakes.

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