Wedding Bells Call for the Perfect Pair of Wedding Shoes

Since the wedding season is coming around again, all the girls, who have anybody getting married around them, have a serious challenge to face – putting their outfits together. Although you may be able to pick out the perfect dress, find some matching jewellery, getting a handbag and the perfectly matching pair of wedding shoes is nothing short of a challenge. Moreover, if you do find something you like at the store, it’s usually way too pricey to wear to this one friend’s wedding or it doesn’t come in your size.

Weddings can be stressful and sometimes people are unable to get things done on time. Sometimes the bridesmaids or even the brides themselves have some last minute emergencies. Fortunately, it’s still not too late! We have a list of tips on how you can get about buying the right affordable shoes that would surely put your wedding outfit together in an elegant manner.


So, if you have a wedding coming up, be it your sister’s, your friend’s, or even yours, and you haven’t gotten the perfect shoes yet – Do not worry! Just check out these tips.


Tips on Buying the Perfect Pair of Shoes When You Are On the Clock!

1.      Shop at the End of the Day: Since you only have so much time, it’s best if you get all the other stuff done first before going off to pick out your shoes. This will save time since your feet are more likely to swell up by then; making sure you get a size that will fit comfortably on you even after running about all day on the actual event.

2.      Pick the Right Place: If you are shopping online, make sure you have had a good experience with that particular outlet in the past. You cannot afford to lose time by constantly having to return the shoes because they did not turn out the way you imagined them to, or because they did not fit. Try your best to get to a physical store at your convenience.

3.      Practice before Purchase: When you are at the store and you have picked out a pair that you like, be sure to practice wearing the shoes around the store to see how they feel. If they feel even a little uncomfortable, or if the back is rubbing against your heel, then leave it and move on to the next. Because chances are that it will feel worse over time, and you will end up having blisters and sore feet at the wedding. No fun!

4.      Heel Position: For maximum comfort at the wedding, make sure you check the placement of the heel before you buy the shoe. It should be directly beneath your own. Not too much further away. For comfort, you need support.

5.      Not Too High: Since you will be at a wedding, you do not want to cause a scene and ruin the day by tripping because of your 16 cm heels. Choose a moderate height, something that’s easy to walk in and that won’t let you fall. 7-10 cm high is recommended.
If you follow these tips, it will not take you too long to pick out the perfect pair of wedding shoes. At the end of the day, it’s how you feel about yourself when you wear them that matters. Be confident, be happy. Have a nice wedding!

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