Wedding Activities to Fill the Reception with Fun

Wedding celebrations, whether big or small, are considered sacred, and it shall be taken seriously. However, once the ceremony is over, it could either be a time for fun or time for inspiring messages from the wedding principal sponsors to the newlyweds, or both.

Fun and Engaging Wedding Activities

Wedding celebrations, whether big or small, are considered sacred, and it shall be taken seriously. However, once the ceremony is over, it could either be a time for fun or time for inspiring messages from the wedding principal sponsors to the newlyweds, or both.

With a spectacular wedding venue, incredible decorations, and delicious food, some couples like their party to start with games. So for the wedding reception, they opt for fun games and activities. Are you interested to know more? Look no further.

These activities are great for big weddings that can be celebrated either indoors or outdoors. Whether you are in the mood for something classic like Jenga or you would like to try something different such as the wheel of fun, we say, go for it. These games will make your guests enjoy and have an excellent time while they also hang out with each other.


This fun game consists of 54 precision-crafted, especially finished wooden pieces that are piled up to build a tower. It ends when the tower falls, wherein whoever made the tower fall would be the loser. Some people enjoy playing this classic game, so it is not a surprise that wedding guests will go crazy for it. Make a corner with a table and wooden blocks of Jenga on it. You can go step further and make these blocks even bigger and invite your friends and family to break it and build again. 

Classic Jenga Game for a Fun Wedding Reception


Certainly another traditional game, badminton is perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings. If your guests would like to stretch a bit and alongside to have fun, then, offer them badminton rackets and shuttlecock. You can also consider hanging the net or a big scarf instead. It will be so much fun, watching them on their wedding guest attires running after the shuttlecock.

Interesting Wedding Badminton Game

Kids Table

Having kids at weddings is one of the dilemmas we have during weddings. Children have a shorter concentration span, which means they can get bored so quickly and can make their parents stressed. Prepare a kids table, let them do some activities such as coloring books, working on puzzles, or scavenger hunt.

Kid Table at Wedding for Pleasing Little Guests

Ring Toss

Is there any other game that is more suitable for the wedding? Ring toss would be such entertainment for the guests. Young and old, this game will bring your guests into a competitive mood! Paint wine or soda bottles to match your decor. 

Ring Toss Game Is the Best Choice for Wedding

Wheel of Fun

With a custom wheel of fun, every guest can try their luck. The cards should be entertaining and goofy. Labels such as “Hug a Stranger,” “Give the Couple an Advice,” “Pick a Couple to Kiss besides the Newlyweds,” “Show your Unique Dance Steps,” and others would make everyone excited and enthusiastic. Make sure the wheel is big and placed in a special corner so everyone can participate. 

Interesting Wheel of Fun for an Enthusiastic Vibe

I Dare You

This is great for the reception while the guests are waiting for the wedding party to start. It is pretty similar to the Wheel of Fun. However, this involves cards with dares on them, and it can be played per table. While considered as traditional, this game can still make everyone laugh as the guests get to know each other. 

Trivia about the Newlyweds

A great game to see how much people know about the newlywed couples. At each seat or table, leave a sheet with some trivia questions. You can include multiple-choice, true or false questions, or fill-in-the-blanks.

Trivia Questions about the Newlyweds

Shoe Game for the Newlyweds

This entertaining game will make everyone in the room laugh their lungs out. The questions might reveal some character traits of the bride and groom. Let the bride and groom take their seats with their backs towards one another, they take off their wedding shoes, and exchange one of them. The shoes will represent themselves. The emcee or the announcer will ask a series of intriguing questions in which both of them will give an answer by raising one shoe at the same time.

Entertaining Shoe Game for the Couple

Photo Booth

All guests adore themed photo booths. Don’t hesitate to include one at your reception. When it comes to props – prepare mustaches, funny boas, oversized glasses, ornate frames – nothing will be too much! Selfies, funny faces – these memories will stay forever with you.

Wedding Theme Photo Booth

Poker for Gentlemen

Poker station is usually a big hit for guys. You can hire a dealer for a night and let gentlemen have some fun.

Wedding Tug of War

Girls versus boys. Groom’s family versus the bride’s family. Bride and her bridesmaids versus the groom and his groomsmen. Wedding tug of war is simply fun and entertaining. Capturing the happiness and enthusiasm of everyone on the game while on their wedding attires is just so fantastic.

Lawn Games: Wedding Tug of War

Class Picture

Just like in elementary school, take a group picture where the tall ones at the back and the shorter ones in front. It will be a bit troublesome, but it will be worth it. It is fun and at the same time, unforgettable.

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