We Found the Best Holiday Dress Styles for Your Body Shape

A major wanderlust happens when we scroll over the Instagram and see all the It girls, bloggers, and fashion editors wearing wonderful holiday dresses. That is probably why we make some panicked and unplanned purchases. Yes, we know that feeling – you always need one more button-down, another sparkly bag, and one more cocktail dress. Instead of buying a bunch of items that you won’t even wear, try to find the best holiday dresses, accessories and other things for you. The holiday season is near, so we have collected some of the best holiday dresses for your body shape.


Wrap Dress in Emerald

If you have an hourglass or inverted triangle body shape, think about these type of holiday dresses. With some classy shoes, such as strappy sandals or pointy toe stilettos in winter, you can shine in this beautiful dress. Opt for silk, satin and choose some eye-catching color such as emerald.


Red Leather

The leather is a perfect material, even though many girls avoid it. Opting for red colored evening dress is a smart decision for the holiday season. This lovely leather dress is perfect for those girls with a pear shape. It will highlight just the right curves, making you look fabulous during the holidays.



A-line dress that can fit most of our body shapes is even more perfect when it shines. Metallic is one of the biggest winter trends, so if you choose to go with a dress like this, that won’t be a mistake. Plated texture gives your dress a volume, while a mix of gold and silver metallic colors give you an interesting look for holiday parties.


Cape Dress

If you are a fan of something more conservative, or you need an evening dress for a work party, this cape dress can be the ideal pick. It suits all body types. While the waistband will highlight your curves and waste, the rest of the dress will maintain your professional appearance.


Velvet Touch

For the brave ones, velvet slip dress in blue would be a great choice. If you are heading to some home party, or nightclub, make sure to wear something to be remembered. This combination is perfect for apple and athletic body types. Thigh-high boots would be both practical and stylish choice. They will protect you from cold and make your look incredibly sophisticated.


Blush Pink Holiday Dress

In the sea of black dresses, choose something that will make you stand out from the crowd. Interesting shade of blush will upgrade your holiday look. For completely monochrome look, pair this lovely dress with the faux fur coat and pointy toes in the same tone. The dress is excellent for a rectangle, inverted triangle, and hourglass body shape.


The Print is Timeless

Whenever you don’t have an idea what to wear, which color or material to choose, go with floral or jungle print. It is just timeless. This evening dress is perfect for holiday parties, working hours, and many other events. Girls with pear, inverted triangle, and hourglass body shapes can wear this dress perfectly, without worries they will look dull.

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