Ultimate Bridesmaid Dress Color Guide

Your wedding color scheme may be most evident in your bridesmaids’ dresses and flowers. Use the inspirations below to guide your choice and find the Ultimate Bridesmaid Dress.



Choose shades that are appropriate for your ceremony’s season. Light and vivid floral hues suit a spring celebration. For fall indoor or garden festivities, naturally occurring deep, rich maroon and gold look relevant.



Some seasonal shades may not fit every location like a balmy beach in winter. A chillier color palette’s icy blue and silver hardly reflect the tropical paradise in the background. Consider your surrounding’s organic aesthetics to select tones that feel realistic. For any coastal setting, pick neutrals like sand and brilliant water-inspired blues or greens. Or try a yellow tint that contrasts with the sea while mimicking the sun. If your rustic vineyard venue features burgundy décor, choose complementary nature hues instead of bright ones.



Pick something appropriate for your wedding’s day or evening time. Dark dresses might look proper in November at night indoors. But less severe tones will suit a mid-day outdoor ceremony better. Gold and silver metallics lend themselves to glamorous after-sundown affairs.



If casual, intimate, or peaceful describes your wedding, go for lighter tints. Vibrant pops match outdoorsy spring or summer festivities while darker tones suit formal ceremonies.


Bride’s Preference

Select shades you love that blend with your wedding gown’s white, ivory, champagne, or unconventional hue. They should be pleasant to view and tones you’d want to wear. If you need help picking a coordinated theme, check out a color wheel. Complementary combinations like yellow/purple on opposite sides offer dynamic contrasts for extra energy. Side-by-side analogous options like blue/purple are more relaxing.


Your Priorities

You may have your heart set on a certain bouquet and centerpiece color. Then just pick another shade for your attendants’ dresses that goes well with that established one.


Attendants’ Diverse Coloring

Skin tone and tan shades differ. Popular blush pink and taupe are becoming on some women while washing out others. Very deep colors might make light complexions seem eerily pale. Strive to choose something that flatters all your bridesmaids’ complexions, ranging from fair to olive to dark. No compromise should appear too harsh on any woman. If everyone looks similar, you’re very lucky. For fair skin, try amethyst (purple), emerald (green), or sapphire (blue) jewel tones. Brighter, bolder options like fuchsia pop against dark complexions. Also consider hair colors. Avoid hues like pinks and oranges that would clash with red tresses.


Bridesmaids’ Body Types

Certain colors suit some figures better than others. A darker one, for instance, will flatter a plump woman more than a bright one.


Shade Variations

Keeping all attendants in one single color is no longer necessary. Modern fashion possibilities extend beyond the basics to boast intermediate intensities. Embracing the trend of dressing bridesmaids in light to dark tones from one color family like purples or greens. Subtle variants create a dreamy visual medley. Assign them in order from shortest to tallest for a smooth gradation effect. Or go for a mismatched palette with two ladies in pink and two in blue. Bouquets featuring both shades will harmonize contrasts. Another option is letting your maid of honor shine brighter than the rest in the most conspicuous hue.


Mixed Styles

Finding one chic style that fits and flatters several women and meets everyone’s price point perfectly can be hard. One trendy solution allows enough diversity to support all individual tastes, comfort levels, and budgets. You pick the material color to ensure a unified look. Perhaps also request other basics like silhouette, length, and/or fabric. Then invite each bridesmaid to decide which distinctive design suit her figure best. Variations for these similar yet different dresses include unique necklines or sleeves, so every attendant can elect to reveal or conceal her cleavage or arms. Maybe let your maid of honor reserve the grandest gown with the most extras. Cascading ruffles, an asymmetrical hemline, or train will help her claim the most attention after you.


Online Shopping

With the above guidelines in mind, browse JJ’s House for affordable identical or mismatched bridesmaid dresses in your chosen light, vivid, or dark tone. Filter by season or color to simplify selection. We custom make all gowns with luscious fabrics to fit all shapes and sizes perfectly.


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