10 Traditional Wedding Dress Styles Around the World

Every country is unique. Culture and tradition are things we should protect and nurture. When it comes to wedding dresses and tradition, you won’t even believe how creative examples there are. From vivid colors in India to the Egyptian jewelry – women who decide to go traditional make a statement for sure!

If you live in a western world, then you probably know the usual wedding attires – white gown, elegant suit for the groom and the lovely satin dresses for bridesmaids. However, if you are interested to see how people around the world traditionally celebrate their weddings, look no further than this.

Indian Wedding Dress

Gorgeous Indian wedding dresses, lehengas, are usually made of massive and colorful silk. The most common colors you can see are red, pink, green, and yellow. Together, they represent a lot of great things – power, strength, prosperity, wealth, and happiness. Along with the fantastic traditional dresses, Indian women can be recognized for their massive head jewelry.

Nigerian 5-Piece Wedding Dress

Even though there are many different ethnic groups in Nigeria, the most recognizable traditional wedding dress belongs to the Yoruba. They are usually made of tremendous and good-quality materials in bright colors. The five-piece dress consists of lace long-sleeved blouse, shawl or sash, scarf, veil, and waistband. Another thing that is specific for Nigerian brides is the head accessory called Gele.

Embroidered Norway Wedding Dress

Embroidered Norway Wedding Dress

Bunad is a traditional Norweigan wedding dress. It is usually handmade and embroidered with a lot of interesting details. Norweigan women often wear it with a lot of gold or silver jewelry, as well as the crown on the head. Pendants all around the dress make a sound when the bride moves around.

Colorful Wedding Dress in Peru

Peru is surely one of the countries that have the most colorful wedding dresses. Peruvian women wear dresses that are full of colors, including woven hats with tassels and material that shines. The dress consists of the poncho in geometric shapes and flowers embroidered in different vivid colors.

Red Chinese Wedding Dress

In China, red represents happiness, good luck, and life. The dresses are usually made in this shade, embroidered with gold thread. In some regions, women wear red robes, also known as Qipao while the others wear two-piece attires called Qungua.

Japanese Wedding Dress

Japanese Wedding Dres

There are two ways to get married in Japan. Women choose between red and gold kimono for a traditional Shinto wedding ceremony or pure white shiromuku dress, similar to the wedding gown in the western world. However, it is also common for women to wear a white dress during the wedding ceremony and red kimono during the reception.

Russia Wedding Dress

Since Khakass (from central parts of Russia) are nomadic herders, the women are wearing dresses that feature wool details, hats, and coats. Jewelry is an unavoidable part of traditional wedding attire as well – massive gold and silver necklaces.

Balinese Brides and Dresses

Balinese brides wear gorgeous red and gold dresses that are surely eye-catching. However, the dress is not the most interesting part of attire – the head-piece that these brides wear is simply stunning.

Gorani Bride and Face Art

Gorani Bride and Face Art

The Gorani people live between Kosovo and Macedonia. Their customs contain some pagan elements, which makes their culture even more exciting. Brides wear embroidered dresses, but the most interesting thing about this attire is face art.

Ghana Dresses

Splash of colors – that is the easiest way to describe dresses Ghanaian brides wear. Yellow and gold are the most common colors you can see on the gorgeous kente cloth. The dresses are long, following the body line.

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