Traditional and Modern Ways to Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary

Your wedding anniversary comes every year, and making it rather exceptional and memorable will always remind you of the love you have for each other. They say time flies when you have fun, and that is how another 12 months have passed by with your beloved by your side. Now it is time to ask yourself – how to celebrate your anniversary? Oh, trust us – the ideas are numerous.

From going to karaoke night to recreating your wedding day menu – everything counts as fun and romantic. If you are not in the mood for something over-the-line, stay at home and prepare a subtle surprise for your loved one.

These are some of our suggestions on how to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Let’s see together.

Host an Event

An anniversary is a perfect occasion to gather all your loved ones. Hosting an event or a thanksgiving celebration will always make your friends and families well attached. It will be a small reunion for everyone while celebrating your wedding anniversary. Make sure to organize an event or a party where everyone will enjoy it. You can cook or order dinner and drink home-made cocktails.

Go to a Karaoke night

Do you want to do something entertaining and exciting? Go to a karaoke night! You can sing together and have so much fun with other people. Consider inviting your friends so you can laugh all night long. If you are too shy to sing in public, rent out a private room at the karaoke bar, and just sing for each other. You can also consider doing the karaoke night at home, just with your kids around if you have. It will definitely be enjoyable and fantastic, having your kids judging who has the better voice.

Throwback Evening

You can spend the whole evening walking down the memory lane. Gather all photos, videos, and other memories that you have from the very beginning of your relationship. Celebrate your love and remind yourselves how it was at the beginning and how it is now. If the weather is favorable enough, you can re-visit your first date spot. Sure enough, it will bring back all the unforgettable adrenaline spike that includes the nervousness, excitement, and happiness of the very first date. You will surely laugh at all the memories of that very single and first moment you had together.

Book a Romantic Hotel

There is probably a luxurious hotel in your city, where you wish you can go with your partner. If so, book a room for a romantic day and night to celebrate your anniversary. You can ask for a spa or massage and draw a bubble bath. Don’t forget to order a bottle of champagne and have a toast!

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Go Skydiving or Bungee Jumping

Are you one of those adventurist couples that like to do all the exciting things that lift the adrenaline? Then make sure to spend your anniversary doing something you both enjoy – skydiving or bungee jumping are our suggestions.

Handmade Silver Jewelry for a Silver Wedding Anniversary

Give Gifts

If you are more traditional and you like to exchange gifts with your loved one, then do it! There is no better opportunity than your anniversary to give a gift to your partner. When it comes to tradition, the first anniversary will be one of the most significant ones. For the first wedding anniversary, custom would say giving paper such as books, cards, stationery, or an album would be best. With other traditions, giving a piece of gold jewelry to your partner would be more cherished. Besides, milestone anniversaries are the most notable and the most anticipated, not only for the couple but for the children too. This would include the following:

  • 10th Wedding Anniversary – This is the first and biggest milestone, customarily represented by Tin. Surprise your partner with something that has a tin on it – a piece of jewelry or flowers arranged on a tin vase.
  • 15th and 20th Wedding Anniversary – Anything made from China would express this milestone, and kitchenware would be the best that signifies China.
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary – Twenty-five years of marriage is supposed Silver Jubilee. You can consider having a ceremony, wearing a silver wedding dress, and renewing your vows.
  • 30th Wedding Anniversary – You can give your partner something with pearl. Pearl is incredibly difficult to get, and that would also mean thirty years with ups and downs is something to be grateful for because you are still together.
  • 40th Wedding Anniversary – The symbol is Ruby. It is a blood-red gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum. 
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary – This is the Golden Jubilee. The same with Silver Anniversary, you can re-do a wedding celebration to mark your 50 years of being together.
  • 60th Wedding Anniversary – This anniversary is considered the Diamond Jubilee.

Book a Reservation at a Fancy Restaurant

There is no better way to celebrate your love but with a great bottle of wine, delicious food, and an excellent view. Pick a restaurant that has a breathtaking view or even better – choose the rooftop bar where you can enjoy seeing the whole city. Mrs – slip into your most fascinating evening dress. Mr – be stylishly dressed in your tuxedo. Make it fantastic, like having a romantic date for the first time.

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