The Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles for Summer Brides

A summer wedding is all fun- beaches, holiday mode, flowers blooming and the scorching sun. Isn’t that the truth? If you are planning a wedding this summer, you really need to make sure your dress is something you can adhere comfortably throughout the ceremony. Summers is the time when you want to wear sundresses, blousy tops, and something light and easy to carry. But, what a bride does when she has to walk down the aisle?

Keep reading because below you will find the top three chicest trends for bridal wear that will make the bride dazzle and allows her to breathe.

Summer wedding dresses styles

Summer Wedding Styles 2018

  1. Tropic Thunder

This design took my breath away. Summer wedding design elements like tiers, florals, ruffles have an innately lively vibe that is just perfect for the summers. What more could you ask for- bare shoulders, flamenco-style skirts and different cutouts that highlights your body shape and allows the fresh summer breeze to wisp in.

  1. Textural Laces

Did you know corded lace, Macramé or Guipure are the perfect things when dressing in summers? All of these laces are lighter in weight, whiter in color and will feel natural. They are undoubtedly the perfect attire for the garden parties and beach destination weddings

  1. Slouchy Fits

When the temperatures in the summers touch the sky, you want to wear anything but a fitted gown or a dress. Summers is the time to opt for something flary and oversized, with a drape to flatter your body shape. If you are looking for comfort, this is it! This dress will make the bride look elegant and glitzy, plus, it’s time to surprise your groom as well.

If you want to look at more designs and collections for the bridal wear for the summer weddings, visit now.

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