Top 10 Wedding Favors Everyone Will Welcome

Thank your wedding guests for their support by giving them thoughtful favors. Everyone will treasure useful and enjoyable JJ’s House mementos, and you’ll love our incredible values. Choose novelties that convey your personalities, heritage, shared interests, wedding theme, or ceremony/reception site. Think about what you’d like to receive from practical to pretty to tasty.

Popular wedding favor ideas include keychains, bottle openers, coasters, place card holders, crystal keepsakes, candleholders, edible treats, luggage tags, photo frames, and bookmarks. Order 10 extras for every 100 guests to cover those who take seconds, misplaced or broken items, and your personal memorabilia stash. Gifts come in attractive presentation boxes and bags. Some tiny tokens can complete your reception table settings. Create an eye-catching display for others. Near the exit, it lets friends and relatives grab their parting gifts when leaving.

1. Keychains

Give keychains to symbolize that you’re exchanging the keys to your hearts. Keep that love feeling going with heart-shaped decorations, or get imaginative with vehicles, compasses, houses, pets, guitars, stars, crowns, and so much more.

2. Bottle Openers

These trendy gifts go beyond functional to fun. Today’s bottle opener styles can match your wedding theme, venue, or occupation. Inspired looks include antique keys, airplanes, sailboats, ship’s anchors, flip-flops, stilettos, cowboy boots, handbags, pineapples, and lots more.

3. Coasters

Anyone who enjoys entertaining will appreciate coasters. Set a dreamy tone with heart shapes, elegant chandeliers, delicate lace doilies, or floral motifs. Create a seasonal flair with snowflakes, seashells, starfish, or bamboo.

4. Place Card Holders

You can distribute favors anytime from ceremony arrival to reception departure. That allows you to display place cards in holders that guests take home as thank you gifts. Doing double duty, they also serve as inviting table décor while everyone’s dining and socializing. Go romantic with wedding bells, lovebirds, swans, or street lamps. Coordinate flip-flops, palm trees, coral, or sailboats with a beach location.

5. Crystal Keepsakes

What’s synonymous with fancy occasions yet surprisingly affordable? Beautiful crystal keepsakes from JJ’s House. They range from practical bottle stoppers to hearts, swans, flowers, and globes guests can use as paperweights or stunning showpieces.

6. Candleholders

Ornamental candleholders make radiant table decorations and guest gifts. Fill them with tea lights to infuse your reception with a soft, warm, and wondrous glow. Use white for subtle illumination or your wedding shades to harmonize with your color palette. Pick scents from your favorite flowers, fruits, or desserts. From lantern to birdcage to hanging basket styles, you’ll find intricate scrollwork or heart, diamond, and star formations as irresistible as your recipients will.

7. Edible Treats

Well-wishers can enjoy some tasty favors at your reception and others later at home. Yummy contenders include candies, macaroons, brownies, cake pops, mini pies, nuts, and popcorn. Choose cookie cutter shapes that match your theme or venue like cowboy boots for a country, rustic, or barn celebration. Feeling adventurous? Assemble s’mores kits or can homemade jam. Regional specialties such as Vermont maple syrup, Texas jalapeño jelly, or Louisiana hot sauce let out-of-towners sample local flavors without buying souvenirs. Mini wine, champagne, tequila, or olive oil bottles can represent your ancestors’ Californian, French, Mexican, or Italian legacy.

Offer these goodies as wedding favors in fun or elegant holders like colorful or transparent boxes, bags, and tins. Many edible treats need special wrapping. Paper and fabric packaging can absorb bakery grease quickly, creating unsightly appearances. Before filling containers with sweet or savory bites, line them with wax paper.

8. Luggage Tags

Frequent travelers will appreciate these essentials when leaving town for business and pleasure. Consider luggage tag themes like transportation modes from airplanes and ships to hot air balloons, footwear from cute flip-flops to chic high heels, or classy stainless steel.

9. Photo Frames

Give tiny frames to display photo booth keepsakes guests collect throughout your reception. Design options range from pretty flowers, sparkly borders, fairy tale carriages, and enchanting hearts to beach-based flip-flops and ship steering wheels. You can use them as place card holders during your seated meal before revelers take them home.


Encourage reading by distributing bookmark favors. Useful possibilities go from sweet hearts and angels to cute birds and butterflies to classic crowns and keys. Recipients will remember you and your fabulous wedding fondly every time they turn a page.

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