Top 10 Summer Wedding Color Palettes

Summer weddings have such a special charm. The weather is beautifully warm and the locations are in full bloom. The color palettes for a summer wedding are simply gorgeous. They are perfectly blended with bright spring hues and jewel tones that are meant to be for fall. So, that is why you can see so many unusual combos that take your breath away. Many couples plan their summer weddings and wonder what summer wedding palette they should choose. We have prepared some of the best combinations and hue mixes that will be huge in 2020. Look no further and get inspired by these lovely tones.

Rose Lemonade

Summer Lemonade Wedding Inspiration

This combination brings two cheerful shades that look lovely together. It is a mixture of colors, perfect for the backyard wedding. Don’t hesitate to add some oranges and lemons in your greenery along with eucalyptus. Since the theme is summer lemonade, make sure to make a drink station.

Poppy and Green

Scream Summer in Poppy Red and Green

If you want your decoration to really pop out and scream summer, pick the combination of these two shades. Greenery is a must-have on all tables, while all other details should be in a poppy red hue. Green speaks hope and nature while the reds unquestionably express love and sweetness. The bold contrast of these hues is better appreciated during the broad daylight as they create a very lively and enigmatic look.

Fuschia and Turquoise Blue

Marvelous Contrast of Turquoise and Fuchsia

The idea of combining turquoise blue with fuchsia might be strange at first but, trust us – it looks marvelous. Turquoise blue creates a strong contrast with fuchsia pink. Let the bridesmaid dresses be in turquoise and the flower decorations and bouquet in fuchsia and white. Instead of a plain white cover for the tables, use a turquoise blue tablecloth as it definitely stands out. Place the fuchsia-colored flowers on the tables and you can see how fabulous the combination is. You can go a step forward and mix the turquoise with other shades of pink, such as blush, and orange would be an excellent choice.


Pastel shades are perfect for both spring and summer. They allow you to blend with vibrant colors, creating a magnificent look and ethereal feel. Blush and blue glassware match with pastel hues of florals at the central part of the table. Golden cutlery is a great finishing touch.

All Blue

For some reason, blue is not used enough as a decoration shade. However, we have to say it looks incredibly cool as the summer color palette for the wedding – from the lightest to the darkest tone. You can choose from powder blue, dusty blue, tiffany blue, azure blue, sapphire blue and navy blue. Combine it with a plain white tablecloth and gold cutlery for a spectacular appeal. Try it and you will see how soft and elegant this color is.

Neutral Tropicals

What is better than tropical leaves as summer décor? These leaves fascinatingly add a humble yet sophisticated spark to the wedding. Neutral shades are perfect to combine with, so if you are interested in keeping it low, opt for decoration like this. It is simply achievable no matter what the season is.

Lavender and Blush

Dreamy and Breathtaking Summer Wedding Hues of Lavender and Blush

Warm weather and lavender hues – all that reminds us of summer. Lavender, which is utterly dreamy and calming, combined with blush or white will definitely be perfect for your summer wedding. A mixture of fresh lavenders and blush flowers for your bouquet and tables impeccably creates a breathtaking beauty. Gold chairs and comfortable cushions will bring a sophisticated finishing touch.

Orange and Emerald

Emerald in Nature and Orange in Sunset Weddings

Orange as the color of sunset. Orange is the color of fields in summertime. It is a perfect shade to try for your wedding décor. You might not think about it, but mixing it with emerald will bring a lot of elegance to the tables.


Classical yet timeless! Gold is one of the most usual shades for decoration, but it never gets old. It is always believed to symbolize wealth, luxury, success, and elegance hence, it is perfect for all seasons, not only summertime. Combining plates and chairs in gold with white tablecloths and blush roses will make your décor looks sophisticated and art-décor inspired.

Fuschia and Green

Fabulous Fuchsia Flower Arrangements with Greeneries in Summer

Sometimes, it is enough to have interesting flower arrangements in the center of tables to make everything pops out. Plain white plates and rustic beige linen napkins will contribute to your lovely summer wedding theme.

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