The Big Reveal! Is it underwear or outerwear?

Is it underwear or outerwear, 2016 Fashion confirms – it’s both! And it’s back!

In 1969 a famous magazine had the heading “What are you trying to hide?”, suggested that you need not worry about showing what was underneath your outfit, they stated “Show that you mean it,” it declared. “Don’t count on your underclothes not showing, choose them so if they do, it doesn’t matter.” This was put together with a model shot, represented a key moment in fashion history of underwear as outerwear!

Some 45 years later, what is public and private fashion is not clear, what should be shown or covered up? This is shown on the catwalk. This year, 2016, both Givenchy and Calvin Klein have modeled slip dress themed attire, along with Burberry’s recent show in London.




A quick look through slip dress shows us how popular it is and has been. Fans of the style include: Kate Moss, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Elvira Hancock in Scarface, Elizabeth Taylor, Rihanna, Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Courtney Love, Veronica Lake and Princess Diana.
In its standard form the slip dress, with its spaghetti straps, silky fabric and typical lacy trim, mirrors underwear, but also wants to be on show.

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