Best Wedding Nail Art Ideas for a Bridal Manicure in 2020

Along with perfect makeup and hairstyle, the nail art or nail color also takes part in your bridal look. From neutral colors to unique and intriguing patterns and glitters – you can put everything together that will compliment your style and wedding look. Make it perfect, and keep in mind that your nails will be in some of the photos, where you can see them in years from now. Bridal nail designs, too, are fabulous, and you can wear them after the wedding as well. That is why women adore them.

One to two days before the wedding, you can get your nails done to avoid rushing. But then, you still have the option to have them done in the morning of the wedding. Here are some of our favorite picks. Prepare to get inspired.

Neutral Bridal Nails

Traditional yet timeless. The simpler the design is, the more elegant it looks. You can grow your nails out just past your fingertips, fashion them in round or square shape, and complete the look with shiny and natural gel nail polish. The royal wedding of 2011, Kate Middleton’s bridal nail polish was something very neutral, a barely-there pink, and a sheer beige tone. To this date, neutral shade is highly appreciated by many.

Matte with a Bit of Glitter

Love Nail Art Design: Matte Blush Pink with a Bit of Glitter

The shorter, the better – you should always have this in mind when you choose your bridal nail design. A wedding is all about celebrating love, so you should show that on your nails as well. Matte blush pink nail polish coats the fingernails while rose gold glitter forms a nail art word “love,” creating a gorgeous look.

Coffin Nails for the Big Day

Coffin Wedding Nails: Most Attractive Nail Art Design

Coffin nails are one of the most attractive nail art designs. You can also fancy to wear them for your wedding day, without worrying about looking over-the-line. If you opt for neutral shade and some shiny rhinestones just on the ring finger, then you can be sure you have a winner design.

Pearl White Shine

Pearl White Acrylic Bridal Nails in Almond Shape

Pearls are one of the inevitable features of many wedding dresses. However, if you don’t have these kinds of embellishment on your dress, then you can have them on your nails. Pearl white acrylic nails in almond shape with lovely shiny and pearly details will make your manicure superb.

White Nails with Gold Flakes

Square Shaped White Bridal Nails with a Bit of Glitters for Elegant Vibe

White nails are always in style. Whether you choose them for your wedding day or after-wear, they will make your hands look fabulous and chic. Combine them with gold flakes or freehand nail art for some super elegant vibe.

Vintage Vibes

When your nails start to look like lace, you know you are on the right path to having fantastic bridal nail design. If your dress has a vintage vibe, then these nails will match perfectly and make you look absolutely gorgeous.

Long and Gradient Nails

Long nails are great if they don’t bother you. If you like the longer length, then go for these lovely nude, meat shade acrylic nails. The key is to make even one nail look like it is a gradient or add a bit of glitter.

Pastel Blue

Popular Pastel Blue Nails with Silver Glitter on Ring Finger

Pastels are popular for a few seasons now, so it is a great idea to decorate your nails in pastel or baby blue shade. Add a bit of silver glitter on your ring fingernail to upgrade your manicure from casual to sophisticated.

Splash of Colors

Bridal nail designs are usually in neutral colors. However, olive green nails, in combination with pink, can appear pretty amazing. By adding gold detail or foils on some of your nails, you will have your wedding mani ready.

Pink Glitter

Marble Inspired Nail Art Design: Square Nails with Nude Base and Glitter Pinkish Shades

Marble inspired nails like these are simply great. You can wear them with any wedding gown style, and look sophisticated and lovely. A combination of nude base and glitter pinkish shades will make these square nails gorgeous.

Rose Gold Nails

Chromatic Rose Gold Wedding Nails for a Modern and Metallic Vibe

If it is difficult to decide between a nail art design and a plain nail color for the wedding, try choosing a radiant shade with a metallic finish. The chromatic rose gold shade will definitely bring some modern and metallic vibes to your wedding attire. They will be a shiny part of your outfit, making it look gorgeous and simply elegant.

Modern French Tips

Over the years, brides have continuously fancied natural colors for their nail polish. This color undeniably gives a touch of simplicity, and at the same time, stylishness. With fashion, most brides fancied a bit variation, which included a little design to the French nail tips.

Half-Moon Ombré Nails

Favorite Nail Trends: Half Moon Design and Ombre Polish Combo

Combine your favorite nail trends – half moon design and ombre polish combo. Highlight the lunula at the base on each nail with a distinct color, and mix different color nail polishes right over for an ombre nail design.

Heart-Shaped Wedding Nail Design

Hear-Shaped Nail Art in a Light Pink Base

Simple yet eye-catching! This nail art design will attract the attention of the guests, especially when cutting the cake. Color the nails with light pink or natural color, then highlight with a heart design in a darker shade.

Rule-Breaking Red Nails

Eye-Catching Rule-Breaking Red Bridal Nails with a Silver Tip

Traditionally, neutral shade, nude color, and light tones are used for wedding nails. Like wedding dresses, the generally accepted color would be white, ivory, and light colors, but some are already wearing darker shades such as red and burgundy. With white wedding dresses, red nail polish will add a subtle pop creating a fabulous look.

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