Visionary Shopping Guide for Petite Bridal Gowns

Are you a short bride with a narrow waist? Finding a gorgeous wedding gown will be a fun adventure when you follow these guidelines. Discover which silhouettes and elements to avoid and others that will show off your delicate figure best. Use those hints while exploring JJ’s House for appropriate and inexpensive Petite Bridal Gowns. Our expert tailors ensure that your made-to-order vision will fit any standard size or your custom measurements perfectly.

Visionary Shopping Guide for Petite Bridal Gowns

What to Skip

Dropped waistlines: These styles can alter your proportions in negative ways. Although they lengthen your torso, dropped waistlines also shorten your legs enough to diminish your overall height.

Baggy dresses: Loose shapes with excess fabric will make you look plump, shrinking your stature even more.

Poufy skirts: Huge princess ball gowns above wide petticoats will overwhelm your tiny frame. So, think straighter lines instead of voluminous skirts.

Tea length: Avoid calf-length hemlines, which will shorten your legs.

Adornments: Heavy and oversized frills will make you seem wider rather than taller. Three-dimensional accents like big bows and flowers will cause you to look even tinier. Go for minimalism instead.

Elaborate veils: Long, full, tiered, and embellished veils can dwarf the petite bridal gowns look, so skip cathedral lengths with nine-foot trails.

Ideal Silhouettes

Empire waists: High-waist dresses featuring fitted bodices ending with gathers at your bust line will help you appear more statuesque. Long, soft, flowing skirts that start above your waist extend your legs and overall form elegantly.

Sheaths: Want to elongate your frame by an inch or two? Try lightweight, body-hugging sheaths. Styles without defined waists will balance your smaller proportions. These slim and straight column-shaped frocks provide continuous, head-to-toe vertical lines rather than horizontal ones for sleek contours. Search for structured gowns because flimsy materials emphasize every bump.

A-line silhouettes: These classic looks are narrow from the top to your natural waist and then flare gently from your hips. The single, unbroken lines they create will lengthen your overall appearance.

Mermaid styles: Fit-and-flare dresses with clean and structured lines accentuate your trim form’s curves and stretch your height. Choose mermaid/trumpet styles with slimmer and plainer lower areas over wider and grandly embellished ones. Smaller flares from your thighs or knees to hemlines will help your body look as long and lean as possible.

Becoming Necklines

Visionary Shopping Guide for Petite Bridal GownsHigh necks: Raising the fabric above your chest will elevate your total length visually. Hunt for high necklines in solid opaque materials with long vertical slits or sheer illusion panels.

Halter necklines: Shoulder-baring halter necklines run in a perpendicular direction that delivers an extended impression.

V-necks: The long vertical lines that V necklines create will make you seem lankier instantly.

Scalloped trims: These decorative cuts at your neckline will bring eyes up so guests notice your elfin height less.

Straps and Sleeves

Spaghetti straps: Thin, delicate straps’ upright lines create towering effects.

One-shoulder styles: Search for asymmetrically designed dresses with a strap on just one shoulder. They’re unique and eye-catching enough for your upper body to claim more interest than your height.

Bare shoulders/arms: Romantic off-the-shoulder and sleeveless fashions help you appear slimmer, taller, and stunning.

Sleeves: Instead of exposing your arms, choose a dress or wrap with long sleeves to add vertical lines and inches instantly.

Bodices to Hemlines

Embellished bodices: Combine plainer skirts with decorative bodices to draw gazes upward and take the focus off your petite bridal gowns size. Look for fancy but little and simple one-dimensional details like light beading, intricate embroidery, and dainty lace.

Belts and sashes: Cinched styles will define your waist and accentuate your curves, which can be hard to do on small frames.

Asymmetrical hemlines: Perfect combos of shorter fronts and long backs give the illusion of greater stature with longer legs. Narrower above-the-knee skirts with no to minimal flaring are best for your petite build. Filter your JJ’s House search by Asymmetrical Length or Trend Collections and then High Low to find appropriate options.

Flattering Extras for the Petite Bridal Gowns

JJ’s House also sells:

Veils: Choose styles that match your diminutive size like elbow lengths. You might be able to carry off a longer waltz- or chapel-length veil if it’s simple.

Gloves: Wearing long gloves with sleeveless or short-sleeved dresses will give the impression of extra height.

Shoes: Heels with low-cut vamps from your instep to pointy toes will elongate your legs.

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