8 Wedding Reception Activities to Entertain Your Guests

Wedding ceremonies are fun, but the real question is – how to make them even more interesting for your guests? From the food station, dance floor, different kinds of games, and fireworks – you can plan a lot of things for your guests to keep them entertained during the wedding reception and ceremony.

Your guests may range from children to elderly and we cannot deny the fact that each age group has different mindsets or moods. Let’s see how to make your guests comment on your wedding day as “The best day ever.” These are some of the ideas you should think about.

Message in the Bottle

Make your guests entertained while waiting for the ceremony to start. At the side of the entrance, you can arrange a table with a big bottle, and paper and pen, then ask the guests to leave a message for you. Instead of a bottle, you can also prepare a clean and elegant sealed box with a hole in the middle where the guests can drop their written messages for you. You can open these messages after the wedding celebration or to make it exciting, you can open them on your anniversary then compile them into an album. This is a great way to find out what your friends think about you, yet still get them amused on your big day.

Message in the Bottle

Crayolas for the Kids

Most kids have shorter attention spans. We cannot expect them to fully focus on what’s happening during the wedding ceremony. Since ceremonies usually take time, kids can possibly become noisy looking for some interesting things to do. If there are many kids invited to your wedding ceremony, don’t forget to make something fun for them as well. Buy a huge butcher paper and let the kids draw what they want with the colorful crayons. This will keep them entertained and quiet while parents can have a drink or two.

Crayolas for the Kids

Dance and Karaoke Competition

Dancing will never be forgotten at weddings – from the couple dances to group dances, and from slow dance to fast dance. However, if you like dancing and singing, then you should probably think about having a karaoke competition with your friends and family. If this is on your list, then make sure you are wearing your reception wedding dress before joining in and your  comfortable dance shoes to lead the contest. This can be a special moment of the wedding day since you will have extreme fun! Dance, laugh, and sing – there is no better cure for the bearing of shyness.

Women's Suede Heels Latin Dance Shoes

Cards, Dices, and Puzzles

These kinds of games are always welcome at every ceremony. For the elderly who cannot or maybe lazy to go to the dance floor, exercising the brain cells through cards, dice, and puzzles will be entertaining for them. In addition, when your guests get tired of dancing and singing, they can sit at the specially designed table and play a game of cards, do some puzzles or play dice. This can be fun for kids as well.

Entertaining Wedding Jigsaw Puzzles

Photo Booth

The photo booth is certainly one of the best ways to make your guests happy. Most guests, wearing their best and breathtaking wedding party dresses, wanted to have souvenirs from the wedding, and taking photos at the photo booth or backdrop is the most ideal way to have one. You can also gather all the photos and enjoy recreating memories together. If you want to make this experience even more interesting, make sure you have a video booth as well where your friends can make funny videos. You will enjoy watching them later!

Photo Booth

Hire a Wedding Painter

You can also hire a caricaturist or a painter to draw portraits of your guests. This is an amazing way of making your guests’ memories – they can always look at the drawing on their wall and remember your wedding ceremony.

Live Painting Is the New Wedding Reception Trend

Food Station

Dessert bars, canapes, or simply sandwiches on a decorated table is great for your guests, while they are waiting for the ceremony. This will kill some time and make your guest’s stomachs full. If your guests are more into drinking, make sure you have a table with different types of drinks – alcohol, cocktails, or fresh juices.

Fabulous Wedding Dessert Bar Ideas

Watching Fireworks Together

There is no better way to end the evening than to watch big fireworks together – the newlywed with all friends and family. You should hire special firework organizers that will light up a firework and turn it into an unforgettable and magical experience for you and all your guests.

Thoughts: The activities above are not just for fun or relaxation but they also make your guests feel, appreciate, and remember your unforgettable wedding day. There may be more ideas than the ones mentioned, as the activities are sometimes based on the couple’s culture, religion, or other beliefs. The bottom line is, enjoy every minute of the wedding with the lovely people around you.

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