7 Most Important Tips to Design Your Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding invitation cards for the big day should express just enough information for your guests to know what to expect. Many couples opt for hand-made or custom-made invitations that match the wedding décor.

Wedding Invitation Cards "We are Getting Married" Design

Though it will be cheaper to make it on your own, it may take most of your time, so we still suggest working with professional designers. You can always add something to your DIY invite, but let the designers do the rest of the work, especially if you are not confident enough. From paper pick to the fonts – everything counts.

If you still want to customize your wedding invitations, here are some design tips that can help you make beautiful and unique invitations.

Start Early

The same rule about starting early applies to the whole wedding planning process, which includes choosing your wedding venue, your wedding dress, your girls’ bridesmaid dresses, wedding decorations, and more. Starting ahead of time with your wedding invitations is beneficial to the wedding preparation. Aside from making sure that the invites look gorgeous, you will also be able to distribute them on time.

So Romantic! Wedding Rings Placed Over Red Petals

Meanwhile, you have to make sure all the relevant information is correct before allowing them to print. Apart from the bride and groom’s names, the following information is finalized – wedding venue, the date and time, reception, and dress code if there is.  

Think About the Colors and Style

You will need a general idea about how your wedding card should look like before speaking with a designer. Which colors are your favorite? Do you want to incorporate them into your wedding invitations? What embellishments and details do you want to include, and where?

Theme, Color, and Style Considered in this Wedding Invitation

These wedding invitations can be a great way to round up your wedding ceremony décor, which is why you should consider the colors and style before getting a hold of a designer.

Research Wedding Sites or Social Media for Ideas

Before even thinking about the style and colors, do thorough research. You can explore wedding designer sites, make Pinterest boards with your favorites, or simply check out those bridal newspapers.

Significance of Doing a Research - Pantone's Color 2020 Inspired this Wedding Invite

You can also consult with your friends who have already gone through the process. They might also recommend you to someone who could be of great help.

Match the Motifs

Choosing a wedding theme ahead of time is very important as this will be the basis of almost everything – your wedding decorations, wedding outfits, wedding invites, and other things important to make the wedding day worthwhile.

Match the Motifs - Flowers, Wedding Decors, Wedding Invitation Design
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Hence, if you are having a beach wedding, then you should consider putting designs on your wedding invitations that would display the theme. This includes the color blue or some seashell figures to highlight the blue sea and its shore. The same goes if you chose a different wedding theme.

Easy to Read Invitations

Make sure your invitations have an easy-to-read font with the chosen background. Certain fonts, although nice looking, are not so easy to read. Print a draft of what you made and consult with your friends and family on what they would think about it. Remember, two heads are better than one.

Easy-to-Read Wedding Invitation

If it is good enough, then you can send them for printing. Meanwhile, if not, then it would be best to check with a professional designer to know what’s lacking.

Size and Shape

Believe it or not, the shape and size of your wedding card can be various. Choosing between modern and traditional themes is the perfect place to start. Modern invitations are those with unique and irregular shapes such as origami and vinyl record invitations. This kind of invitations also includes those that are themed-inspired, such as movie-inspired cards, travel-inspired cards, and more.

Traditional invitations, on the other hand, are made in simple shapes such as rectangular or square shapes. There are no 3D designs on them and the wordings follow a pattern. Meanwhile, to make it look elegant, they are put in attractive envelopes.

Set the Deadline

You should consider the time you need to design the invitations, as well as the time you’ll need to deliver or send them to your guests. Some countries have a traditional thing of the couple going from guest to guest to hand over the wedding invite. This definitely takes time.

Setting the Deadline for a festive wedding celebration. Invites received by guests on time allows them to RSVP

Accordingly, it is best to start distributing the wedding invites 3 months prior to the big day. The three-month grace period would allow your guests to check all their schedules and plans for them to be able to make it to your wedding day.

With that being said, it is best to start preparing the wedding invitations 6 months before the big day, especially if you are doing it by yourself. Consider designing and printing in the first three months, then in the final three months, they should be ready for distribution.

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