Several tips for you to decorate your wedding with candles

The one thing that is sure – candles are the must-have decoration at your wedding. Most of all, it can be a great thing for your party as well. People feel better when in a dimly lighted room, so avoid using neon lights. Instead, fill your venue space with candles. You were wondering how to decorate it? Then prepare for a big dose of inspiration.

Let’s talk bit more about candles. You can decide between taper candles, which are long and thin and pillar candles that are more thick and fat ones. Whether you decide we can just say they can all look fantastic on tables, staircases, aisle and all other places you want to put them on.

Golden Candelabras


Gold always look elegant and sophisticated. If you want to create the formal and super glamorous soiree, just place gold candelabras with simple taper white candles. Decorate the space around them with eucalyptus, or other greenery, but don’t overdo it. Along with these extravagant candelabras add small pillar candles in the jars.

Light The Moody Environment


Even if you have decided to have a bit of moody and darker environment, which is typical for fall and winter weddings, it would be great to add a lot of candles to light it up. Try not to overdo it – put simple white candles in glass jars or glasses and make sure they are asymmetric. That way you will achieve the perfect light.

Simple Yet Effective


Instead of putting extravagant candelabras on your table, you can opt for a simpler solution. One gold candlestick and a white tapper will look equally sophisticated and elegant as bigger candelabra. You can decorate the table with greenery, fruits, and white details. It seems rustic, but very minimalistic at the same time. 

Outdoor Candles


If you are having a tent or outdoor wedding, it is a great idea to put a lot of candles outside. Add multiple candles in minimalistic, simple yet very effective glass vases.

Candle Staircase


When you look at this photo, you can only assume that the bride might felt like a princess, walking around these candles, white roses, and greenery. After dark, this place turned to be the most dreamy one, leaving all your guest without a breath while approaching the venue.

Outdoor Lanterns


Along with making a candle staircase, you can switch the candlesticks for lanterns. Lanterns really add a special touch to all entrances, especially churches, and other historical venues. Metallic will match with the railing. Don’t hesitate to add more greenery around them.

Aisle Candles


Walking down the aisle is a very emotional and certainly important moment of all weddings. If you want all guest to remember that moment, add giant candles, rose petals, and a bit of greenery so you make a path. Candles will light up your dress and face in a way no one will ever forget.

Colored Candles


If you think only white candles can make a statement, you are wrong. Depending on the rest of your decoration and wedding theme, you can add blue, gold or silver candles. Trust us, it will look gorgeous with gold candelabras.

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