Seasonal Color Palettes for Vintage Nuptials

Seasonal Color Palettes for Vintage NuptialsFrom 1920’s “Great Gatsby” luxury to sleek 1930’s art deco fashions to 1940’s homespun looks, vintage vow celebrations are eternal favorites. Your wedding colors help set that theme. They influence your invitations, bridal gown and embellishments, wedding party attire, jewelry, flowers, and ceremony/reception decorations and refreshments. Refer to the JJ’s House color guide based on swatches for inspirations featuring the nostalgic combinations below.


After selecting your seasonal color palette, shop our low-cost yet high quality vintage wedding dresses that match that theme. Do you prefer traditional shades like white, ivory, and champagne? Just add other recommended hues as accents from inner and outer layers to embroidery, trim, and sashes. More adornment options include lace, beading, ruffles, and flowers. Are you eager to flaunt your adventurous fashion sense? Search for classic bridal gowns available in silver, blushing pink, burgundy, and/or red. You’ll find popular silhouettes and lengths with and without trains in assorted fabrics.


Which Colors Represent Winter?

Think beyond festive holiday green and red. Consider these formal winter color palettes that are appropriate for all frosty months:

  • Feature regency (purple) to make your special day majestic. Adding a fainter lilac tint will soften your color scheme while royal blue ensures a wintry spin.
  • Create chilly magic with delightful orchid (violet) as the attention grabber. Slip in arctic-looking sky blue and fuchsia accents for an enchanting impression.
  • Set a refined tone by mixing grape with shimmery silver and dusty rose frills as contrasts.
  • Play peacock (deep green) and memorable mulberry (purple) against lighter champagne. Everyone will enjoy that assortment’s ageless delicacy.
  • For a sophisticated take on yesteryear’s winter wonders, try dark green, rich gold, and elegant black.

Do Natural Tones Bring on Spring?

Blooming flowers and inviting water under bright sunshine offer endless possibilities for cheerful spring wedding colors:

  • Choosing luminous daffodil (yellow) as your focus leaves room for various accents from Tahiti to orchid (purples) and champagne to gold.
  • Tie a well-rounded and joyful palette together by uniting fun spa (aqua) and fuchsia hues with neutral taupe.
  • A pastel and metallic mixture establishes a time-honored yet fresh theme. Subtle blushing and candy pink pair sweetly as creamy delights. To inject sophisticated touches, intermingle those feminine colors with silver or gold details.
  • To fashion a happy, laid-back vibe with vintage appeal, marry vivid spa with deeper jade. Offset those similar tones with vivacious coral pops.
  • Invigorating lime green, pool blue or blushing pink, and daffodil evoke easy spring outings, so they’re ideal for a garden wedding. Antique wooden décor like tables and chairs will keep your design looking natural.


What Shades Celebrate Summer?

Seasonal Color Palettes for Vintage NuptialsInspirations for summer nuptials range from refreshing ocean hues to snow cone variations:

  • Plan your radiant celebration around rich orchid and lively fuchsia. Ease in turquoise or ocean blue to broaden your color spectrum.
  • Use lilac and passionate wisteria as your backdrop with smaller daffodil details brightening your garden locale. Elevate those romantic tints with pearl or crystal accents, or set a homey tone with rustic materials like burlap.
  • Ensure a historical feel with a Tahiti, lavender, and royal blue blend. Carry pretty wildflowers for a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Summon a classic mood from bygone times with a muted color scheme. Brandish wisteria and dusk as purple foundations. Sprinkle in jade or mist (palest blue) as complementary shades.
  • Daffodil, coral, and clover look fresh and clean all summer. For a beach wedding, substitute ocean blue for the green tone.

How Do Changing Hues Welcome Fall?

Reflect seasonal and temperature changes by picking fall colors that conjure up autumn flowers and leaves:

  • Make vibrant orange your star. Add diversity with darker regency or peacock. What might seem to be unlikely counterparts actually amplify your focal point’s intensity. To soften that sentimental color palette, sneak in a neutral such as taupe.
  • Balance out energetic orange with subtler coral and champagne or brown to set an old-fashioned fall harvest mood.
  • A rich yet earthy papaya (orange), mulberry, and clover combo represents autumn produce and wildflowers with a quaint rustic vibe.
  • Brighten traditional burgundy and old-world gold with invigorating spa for a timeless look with an innovative twist.
  • Burgundy, clover, and sage (pale yellowish green) yield a jaunty version of annual fall foliage with extra vitality. These shades blend with natural champagne and brown better than stark white and black.
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