Winter Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses & Choosing a Dress for your Body Shape

Sharing years of memories and laughter with your best friend certainly means a lot. But what’s even more exciting is to be the bridesmaid for your best friend on her special day. Especially if the wedding is a winter wedding. There is so much to do to simply be able to look amazing to wear for the outdoor reception. It is understandable for you to naturally opt for royal blue bridesmaid dresses considering that it is so much in fashion for the winter weddings. However, you may go for other solid deep colors as well that would give a glow to your natural complexion. You also have to choose the accessories that you would be using to enhance your look. Overall, this event would be a fun ride for you as it involves a lot of shopping and trying –out!

Select Wisely to Create a Striking Bridesmaid Look This Winter

Often times, the choice of a dress is undermined by the fact that the style and cut of it is a misfit for your body type. To look your very best, it is important to know which cuts and styles would enhance your figure.


Considering how many bridesmaids make the same mistake, let us help you out in deciding the style that’ll perfectly suit your body shape.

  • Focus of the Upper Body with a Pear Shape Body:

For a bridesmaid who carries a better part of her weight around the thighs and butt but has a slimmer and smaller upper body. The tank style or the strapless dress is highly recommended. A-line skirt works like a charm in taking the attention off your thighs and butt. While letting the strapless/tank styled dress flaunting the slimmer part of your body. It must be the dress of choice if you are looking forward to a perfect hourglass figure. A top jacket with padded shoulder would give a balanced curved look to our figure as well, perfectly suiting to your winter wedding dress.


  • Rock Your Waist with a Curvy Shaped Body:

Remember that you can use your curves in your favor and flaunt them in a highly classy yet fashionable way. A strapped gown or a cap sleeve is going to be your best since the cinch at the waist will avoid cutting your curves off and present a fine hourglass shape. When nature gives you curves, slim fit dresses, either long or short will help you enhance your figure in the winter wedding, accessorized with long and jeweled droplet style earrings to go with.

  • High Necks Suits Perfectly With The Large Busted Body:

For a large busted bridesmaid, it is recommended to keep the neck high. A royal blue bridesmaid dresses that will sophisticatedly flaunt your body type is ideally a scoop neck, one shoulder, or a crossover neckline. Not only is your heavy busted body going to be supported well in such dresses, but they will also be a perfect blend of flattering yet classic and conservative. A fur or a muffler around the neck would give the ultimate winter look for the event.

  • Elongated Dress Line for The Petite:

For a petite body shape, one must look for styles and cuts that would give your body an elongated appearance. And nothing works better for this purpose than a dress with narrow straps and a V-neckline. Make sure to opt for a mesh, lace, or spaghetti strap since these won’t overpower the delicate petite body shape.

  • Enhance the Curves to Flaunt the Boy Shape:

Lastly, your primary goal if you are a bridesmaid with a boy shape figure. Is to get a gown that has a classy seam or a fashionable ribbon or sash that cinches your waist to give some curves and waist for a more defined appearance. Such a dress is your best bet of getting the hourglass figure.

Now that you are familiar with the types of dresses, which look good on various body shapes. You are in a much better position to choose a bridesmaid dress, which will get the bride’s instant approval. Consider the tips mentioned above and you’d be able to get the perfect bridesmaid dress for yourself with ease.

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