How to Choose Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Based on Body Shape

Sharing years of memories and laughter with your best friend certainly means a lot. What’s even more exciting is to be the bridesmaid for your best friend on her special day. Adding to that, she chose to celebrate her wedding in the winter season, when it is going to be snowy; hence, picture-perfect backgrounds. Her guests will also be in a joyful mood as it is the holiday season.

A-Line/Princess V-neck Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Ruffle
Dress ID: 200824

Select Wisely to Create a Striking Bridesmaid Look this Winter

Being a bridesmaid, there is so much to do to be able to find a simply amazing outfit to wear for the indoor wedding ceremony and the outdoor reception. It is understandable for you to naturally opt for royal blue bridesmaid dresses considering that it is so much in fashion for the winter weddings.

A-Line Floor-Length Jersey Bridesmaid Dress With Ruffle
Dress ID: 57716

However, you can also go for other solid deep colors that would give a glow to your natural complexion. You also have to choose the accessories that you will be wearing to enhance your look. Overall, this event would be a fun ride for you as it involves a lot of shopping and trying out.

Often times, the choice of a dress is determined by the fact that the style and the cut of it is a misfit for your body type. To look at your very best, it is important to know which cuts and styles would enhance your figure. Considering how many bridesmaids make the same mistake, let us help you out in deciding the style that’ll perfectly suit your body shape.

Pear Shape Body – Focus on Your Upper Body

For a bridesmaid who carries a better part of her weight around the thighs and butt has a slimmer and smaller upper body, the tank style or the strapless dress is highly recommended. A-line skirt works like a charm in taking the attention off your thighs and butt, while letting the strapless or tank styled dress flaunting the slimmer part of the body.

Chiffon Floor-length Empire Sweetheart Bridesmaid Dress
Dress ID: 51835

You can also pick a dress that can emphasize your waist. Choose the ideal dress that will show off a flattering figure. A top jacket with padded shoulder would give a balanced curved look to your figure.

Hourglass Shaped Body – Show Off Your Curves

Remember that you can use your curves in your favor and flaunt them in a highly classy yet fashionable way. A strapped gown or a dress with cap sleeves is going to be your best choice since they cinch at the waist presenting a fine hourglass shape.

Trumpet/Mermaid V-neck Sweep Train Stretch Crepe Evening Dress
Dress ID: 198650

When nature gives you curves, slim fit dresses, either long or short will help you enhance your figure. All silhouettes are a good fit for the curvy shaped body, but trumpet and mermaid silhouettes will be the best to show off your curves. They hug each curve creating a sexy and ultra-feminine look.

Apple Shaped Body – Emphasize Your Assets

Your best assets are your bust area and slender legs. Wear a gorgeous dress with a V-neckline or a plunging neckline to emphasize your bust area. A statement necklace can also boost the look when you choose a dress with the mentioned necklines.

Sheath Strapless Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Ruffle for the Apple Shaped Body
Dress ID: 1790

And, if you are having issues with your waist area, an A-line bridesmaid dress or an empire dress is perfectly appropriate. Consider a front slit that can also highlight your leggy look. If you’d like to emphasize your slim legs, choose a sheath bridesmaid dress.

Rectangle Shaped Body – Avoid Figure-Hugging Dresses

Do not wear curve-hugging dresses as this will show the lack of curves; instead, emphasize the waist with a striking sash, wide belt, or any other embellishments. Wear an A-line bridesmaid dress as this silhouette naturally defines the waist.

A-Line Bridesmaid Dress With Ruffles to Define the Waist & Flatter the Figure
Dress ID: 176779

As the rectangular shape is also known as a straight body, you might as well use bra pads and/or shoulder pads to create some curvy shape. You can also choose a dress with ruffle embellishments on the bodice to enhance your look.


For the Bride

Having more than one bridesmaids would mean to say you’ll have to find a style that would elevate the looks of each of them. A-line silhouette will be the most appropriate if you are looking for uniformity. It flatters all body shapes; hence, not a problem whether your bridesmaids have different figures.

A-line Bridesmaid Dress in Royal Blue - Perfect for All Body Shapes and for All Seasons
Royal Blue Dress for All Seasons: 126458

In addition, choose dreamy winter colors for the bridesmaid dresses. This includes darker shades of gold, red, green, white, and blue. And, royal blue will be one of the best, which also radiates royalty and luxury. It is also a color that’s perfect for all seasons as it is not so dark and not to light.

For the Bridesmaids

Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress may be time-consuming, especially if the bride has given you the freedom to look for your own dress; and, the only hint you have is the color. With the only hint you have, look for a dress that is amazingly versatile – a dress that can also be worn for other special occasions.

A-Line Scoop Neck Asymmetrical Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Ruffle Lace Beading
Dress ID: 90231

We hope that the tips discussed will help you look for the perfect dress. Whether you are petite or tall, you can always refer to the guidelines above on choosing a dress based on your body shape.

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