Vintage Wedding Dresses with Elegant Bows for a Romantic Vibe

A wedding is one of the most important days of any bride’s life. Every bride wants to look nothing less than perfect and special on her special day. Having a romantic wedding dress is a dream of nine out of ten brides whenever they think about the word wedding. They want a romantic wedding dress mainly to invoke as much romantic time as possible when they are in that wedding dress. Designers across the world firmly believe that classic combination of older vintage style with elegant accessories can successfully bring perfect romantic wedding dress for the bride.

romantic wedding dress

Why romantic dresses tops the choice chart of every bride?

The first and foremost reason of romantic wedding dress being the first choice of every bride is that in such dresses, tight upper body dress piece will definitely make you look slender and all the more appealing while big skirt will not only give good contrast to the upper body but also add the perfect touch of feminism and flattering to the dress. Bows are nothing less than icing on the cake as they give classic detailing to the wedding dress. You will feel like a princess of a romantic fairy tale when you walk down the aisle wearing such a beautifully designed dress.

There is no denial of the fact that romantic wedding dresses are usually inspired by fairy tales. Full sleeves on the shoulder with tight-fitting sleeves below the elbow and followed by a lot of tulle in the skirt will definitely depict the fairy princess waiting for prince charming in a fairy tale. Both highly structured and unstructured lose bows plays an important role in giving that traditional and preppy finish to the dress.

A wedding is about the bride!

A wedding day is definitely a bride’s day and every bride wants to look special on her D day. So if you wish to look different and special for your wedding, it is always advisable to visit a designer who specializes in designing wedding gowns rather than picking something readymade from the racks of a store. The gown designers will definitely create something unique, fashionable and romantic for you. A designer wedding gown does full justice to figure, dreams and aspirations of a to-be bride.

Apart from that, you may or may not have a clear idea about what kind of a gown or dress will look the best on you. A designer who has expertise in designing dresses for brides with the different figure, looks, complexion, and attitude have fair experience and is in the best position to suggest what will suit you the best.

These day designers are experimenting with soft and romantic colors rather than designing gowns in regular white. Ecru, ivory, off-white and soft pink and peach are the new shades which add freshness to the wedding dress. Along with new colors, designers also experiment with bows ranging from medium to large size. A bow on the waist gives the perfect modern look to otherwise traditional and vintage style gown.

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