Unique Ring Bearer Ideas and Gifts for Your Wedding

There are many wedding traditions that you might not know about. Ring bearer might be just one of them. If you are getting married or simply wondering about wedding traditions, then you should definitely scroll down to see so many interesting facts about ring bearers at the wedding.

The Role of the Ring Bearer at a Wedding

Let’s go back in time for a while, to try to locate where the tradition of ring bearers come from. Some historians say it comes from ancient Egypt. It was typical for ancient Egyptians to carry jewelry on ornamental pillows during the wedding ceremony. It represented the hopes and dreams of the bride and groom.

Other proofs claim that the tradition came from medieval times in Northern Europe. Back then the ring was presented to the bride on the sword.

However, it is not exactly clear and known where this tradition has come from, and maybe it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this tradition is really one of the sweetest ones that happen during the wedding ceremony.

Majority of ring barriers are young boys that are close or related to the couple. They are between four and ten years old. They carry the rings, signs, or simply walk after the last bridesmaid and before flower girl. He carries the rings and gives them to the best man.

Nowadays, people are opting for furry friends as well to be their ring barriers. You can see girls as well, stealing the show from young boys.

The Ring Bearer Ideas

While ring bearers are some of the most important people at weddings, you should also be creative about the things they will carry with them. There are so many creative ways to carry a ring and you will see how you can do it.

Wood Slice Ring Pillow

Instead of carrying a classic satin pillow for the rings, you can buy an interesting wood slice ring pillow for the barrier. It not only looks unique, but it also can match with the wedding theme – rustic, vintage and even bohemian.

Classic/Personalized Wood Ring Holder With Rustic Twine
ID: 201144

Dog Ring Bearer

A lot of people opt for a different type of ring bearer these days. It is not a surprise to see a furry friend carrying the rings anymore. Since our pets are an important part of our lives, why don’t we include them in the wedding ceremony as well?

You can tie the rings to the dogs’ collar and even add something decorative like flowers or other accessories. Make sure to teach your pet how to walk down the aisle before the wedding ceremony.

Wood Ring Bearer Boxes

Wood is definitely better than any other material (not to mention plastic). If you would like to switch from classic ring bearers boxes to the wooden ones, don’t waste another minute. We have found a perfect wooden box that is even personalized.

Elegant/Chic/Classic Ring Box in Wood
ID: 197357

Special Items

Some ring bearers deserve to get in style at the ceremony. You can buy some special items for your bearer like a tiny vehicle. You can also decorate a wagon or a carriage for the baby to sit in. This comes very practically if the ring bearer is too small to walk.

Terrarium Ring Case

Another gorgeous way or carrying the rings is in a terrarium case. Your rings in the pleasant company of your favorite flowers – is there anything more beautiful? Make sure to explain to your little ring bearer to be careful, since most of these cases are made of glass.

Romantic Ring Pillow

For couples who prefer classic more than anything else, there is a classy, satin ring pillow with sparkly hearts that looks just gorgeous. You can pick bows that will match with your wedding theme – purple, red, blue, and white.

Elegant Ring Pillow in Satin/Polyester With Bow/Loving Hearts
ID: 190780

Make a Superhero

Not all boys are comfortable while wearing suits. Your ring bearer is your superhero, and the world needs to know that! Surprise your guests by dressing a bearer in a suit with a superhero T-shirt beneath.

Add a Sign

Your ring bearer can carry a funny sign along with the ring pillow. Some signs that make guests laugh should be your first choice. You can buy or be creative and make a sign with your partner. Don’t be afraid to be humorous – your guests will certainly laugh.

The Outfits of Ring Bearers

Many people find little boys in all-grown-up formal wear adorable. Some traditional choices are definitely satin and velvet suits in dark colors. However, you can also opt for seersucker or linen suits for summer wedding ceremonies.

Classic Black Suit

You can’t go wrong with a classic – black suit with a burgundy bowtie is an excellent combination. Your ring bearer will match all wedding themes if you decide on this lovely look.

Boys 4 Pieces Classic Ring Bearer Suits/Page Boy Suits With Jacket Shirt Pants Bow Tie
ID: 204593

Plaid Suit

If your wedding is occurring in fall or spring, then your ring bearer can be without a blazer. This suit with a classy vest, white button-down, and interesting striped bowtie will certainly steal the show.

Boys 4 Pieces Elegant Ring Bearer Suits /Page Boy Suits With Shirt Vest Pants Bow Tie
ID: 204958

Suit with Suspenders

Is there anything cuter than little boys with suspenders? You can pick this lovely suit with plaid pants and a white button-down shirt. Polka dot bowtie is such a sweet detail!

Boys 4 Pieces Classic Ring Bearer Suits/Page Boy Suits With Shirt Pants Bow Tie Suspender
ID: 203040

Ring Bearer Gifts

It is nice to give your ring bearer a token of gratitude after everything is over. If bridesmaids and groomsmen get the gifts, why you should skip flower girl and ring bearer?

These are some of the gifts you can give to your bearer.

T-shirt with Interesting Print

You can’t go wrong with a custom printed t-shirt. You can write whatever you want, but let it be in the wedding and ring bearer style. For instance, Ring Bearer Security is a great idea.


You can be sure that your little ring bearer will find some usage of this gift. A backpack is not only great for school, but also for going out with parents to the park, or at a birthday party.

Piggy Bank

An engraved piggy bank will be both memorable and practical gift for your little ring bearer.

Ceramic Mini-Piggy Bank
ID: 145119

Fancy Bowtie

There is nothing cuter than a little boy with suspenders and bowties. You can actually give this gift before the wedding so he can carry it on during the ceremony.

Classic Modern Wood Bow Tie
ID: 198619

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