Right Bra for the big day

The wedding ceremony is an important event for a bride. Every detail accounts. You need to choose a right bra for the big day.

right bra for the big day
right bra for the big day

Daily worn bras of 3/4 cup, 1/2 cup and full cup are all have slight shaping functions. They are fit for fashionable brides who have obvious S-shape figures. When you have decided the wedding dress that you will wear in the ceremony, you could ensure the style and color of your bra according to the dress color.

The shape of cup should match with the bust cutting of the dress. What’s more, you could wear your under outside. As for brides wearing A-B bras, you could choose 3/4 cup bras. C cup could choose 1/2 cup. Brides with small busts need to choose thicken full cup bras. While thinner full cup bras are first choice for brides who wear D cup or larger bras.

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