Real Wedding Story —— Judita and Artūras

Silhouette: Ball-Gown/Princess

Wedding Date: 28.08.2020

Photographer: Nidafoto

Dress ID: 171957

Color: Ivory

Judita and Artūras, a couple who live in different cities at the beginning. Long distance didn’t separate them. They got married finally. However, COVID-19 affected many people’s wedding plan. Have they changed their plan?……

1. How did you meet?

We started to chat online when I was on small holidays near the Lithuanian seaside. My future husband was living in one of the port cities of Lithuania. I was living in the capital – Vilnius. We have been chatting for a couple weeks and then he decided to come by train to Vilnius. For the first time we met near the Vilnius train station. Later we have been dating, but living in different cities. After half a year since we met, we went on a trip to Corfu, Greece. On this beautiful island Artūras asked me to be his wife.

2. Do you have an “our love song” which is special to you?

Maxence Cyrin – Where is my mind. This was a song during our wedding dance.

3. Where did you hold the wedding ceremony? (church, beach, hall, garden etc.)

Our wedding was in the church.

4. How was your wedding look and how did you decide it? (hairstyle, makeup, accessories, dress style etc.)

I wanted a princess dress for my wedding. To buy it locally it was very expensive. On JJSHOUSE I found beautiful and reliable prices.

I ordered a plain dress out of organza material. Removed the belt and sewed some applications. The result was beautiful.

5. What was your favorite moment of the wedding day?

 I felt like a princess during the wedding day. The whole day was magic. Me and my husband were super happy that we got married. The whole day was very beautiful.

6. Did Covid-19 affect your wedding plan? If so, how? (wedding date, number of guests, wedding place etc.)
Our wedding was booked for the end of August, we planned a small wedding only with the family members. In total there were 25 of us. By luck we skipped the time when at the church or inside you must wear masks. But later these restrictions were applied. We were happy that our wedding was just on time.

7. What’s your advice for wedding plan for other couples?
Advice: buy all the wedding clothes in advance, so that you would skip the stress before the wedding.

For girls: if you get a long dress – get some shoes with very small heels, it will make you feel good during the whole day.

Before buying the dress order some samples of Ivory and White color. In this case you can touch the materials and easier to decide which color to choose. In general I recommend getting an Ivory dress, in photos it doesn’t have the blue accents. The white color in photos doesn’t look good.

8. What’s the link to the page of the photographer?

We had a very helpful photographer, she helped us and gave advice even what to do during the ceremony in church.

She took care not only of the photographs, but that the whole event would go smoothly. She took care of us.



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