Real Wedding Story-AJ & YANG

AJ & YANG,a new couple, share their wedding pictures with us, we also do a little interview with this newly couple. Let check it below.


1. What are your names and when was the wedding day?


2. How did you meet?

We met at the basketball tournament.

3. Do you have an “our love song” which is special to you?

Yeah! The name of the song is ”Ikaw at Ako”.

4. Where did you hold the wedding ceremony? (church, beach, hall, garden etc.)

We held in the hall.

5. How was your wedding look and how did you decide it? (hairstyle, makeup, accessories, dress style etc.)

I made my makeup and hairstyle by myself. My dress is from jjhouse and I really love it.
6. What was your favorite moment of the wedding day?

When we had our vows.
7. Did Covid-19 affect your wedding plan? If so, how? (wedding date, number of guests, wedding place etc.)

Yeah! We only need to invite a few people because of the restrictions.
8. What’s your advice for wedding plan for other couples?

If you know already the date, plan your wedding as early as possible so you dont stress yourself later on before your wedding day.


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