Real Wedding (Bridesmaids Edition) – Lisa & Matt

Silhouette: A-Line/Princess

Wedding Date: Sep 13, 2017

Location: Villa Bianca, Seymour, CT

Wedding Theme: Outdoor

Photographer: Shaina Lee Photography

Dress ID: 90156

Color: Lilac

Lisa and Matt’s wedding day occurred on an early fall day. Everything was happening outside. The aisle was made with the rose petals at sides, while everyone was seated on white chairs at both sides. The temperature was just beautiful, and the sky was impeccably blue.

Their story started in VA Hospital in 2014. At that time, Matt was optometry resident, while Lisa has just started working as an intern. The destiny has a fix for them to meet right on Matt’s 26th birthday. The first words he heard from Lisa were, ‘Happy birthday, it’s nice to meet you.’ After turning him down, right after he invited her to join him for celebration, they eventually became good friends. During her internship in this hospital, Lisa and Matt were chatting mostly about the cases and playing a board game Taboo.

Lisa finally moved to New York. They started seeing each other, and it was evident from the first time they met, that there is some unique chemistry between them.  Their first date lasted for five hours! They definitely realized that they have so much to say to each other. Three years later, they decided to throw a wedding party.

The big day started in Connecticut, with Lisa, Matt, and their bridal parties. Bridesmaids were wearing lilac JJ’s House bridesmaid dresses. They had lace halter necks and long gowns below. The theme of the wedding was white and lilac, so they perfectly fit into pastel shades. The bridal bouquet was made of wonderful white and lilac roses, while bridesmaids were holding bouquets with white flowers.

The bride has a lovely wedding gown – corset neckline, delicate waistband, and lace details were perfect for this lovely day. Lisa was absolutely shining! Her smiles were saying more than words.

The ceremony took place at lovely Villa. Rustic decoration left everyone amazed. Wooden pads, white flowers in jars, as well as lace details on the candle holders, were perfectly arranged. The cake has three levels, situated on a big wood stump.

While the first dance was fantastic, the guest eventually joined on the dance floor, so the atmosphere became very joyful. Everybody enjoyed this lovely fall wedding.


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