Real Wedding (Bridesmaids Edition) – Heather & Greg

Silhouette: A-Line/Princess

Wedding Date: Feb 3, 2018

Location: The Milestone, Georgetown, Texas

Wedding Theme: Outdoor

Photographer: Addison Studios

Dress ID: 51433

Color: Stormy

The Vintage and Chic Wedding of Dreams

Have you ever dreamed of a vintage wedding location? Picture wooden furnishings and an outside scene all your guests love. Heather and Greg decided to face the cold and have their big day outside since they live in a pretty warm state – the day went to plan perfectly. The chairs were all placed outside with a beautiful aisle down the center. Everything seemed to match well, and the bridesmaids had super cute and beautiful dresses on from JJ’s House. These grey dresses mixed with the navy flower accessories aligned with the groom and his men and what they were wearing too.


The bride looked stunning in her embroidered lace dress, her flowers also matched with the wedding theme colors, and she was able to wear a sheer cape that embraced her elegance. The whole wedding was an event no one will forget. From the smiles on the couples faces to the beautiful sunny skies. They truly chose a special day to say their vows and embrace their love for each other. The outdoor venue is situated right near a small stream which is surrounded by rocks, this aesthetic was very pleasing to the eye, it was simply beautiful.



Both Heather and Greg decided to contrast the groomsmen attire with the bridesmaids, dressing them in dark navy while the women wore light grey dresses. The wedding had a beautiful ceremony and the after party was even better, bringing together the two families and uniting for love is such a wonderful thing. The couple was able to showcase their faith and passion through the day, and that is something to feel proud of. We’ve also got to mention the amazing cake made by ‘Cakes by Kathy’ it looked stunning but tasted even better. It indeed was the wedding of dreams, and we wouldn’t wish any other day on the perfect pair.


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