Real Wedding (Bridesmaids Edition) – Alpha & Julia

Silhouette: A-Line/Princess

Wedding Date: July 15, 2018

Location: Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Wedding Theme: Traditional

Photographer: Randy + Ashley Studios

Dress ID: 116656

Color: Stormy

A Cultured Wedding Paradise

Mix elegance with Indonesian and Vietnamese tradition, and you will imagine a paradise that Alpha and Julia had that their huge wedding. A ceremony filled with love, togetherness, and faith, they stated their love for each other as the weather cleared from rain filled clouds to sunny skies. It was a beautiful service, but the clothing worn by everyone was even better than you could ever imagine. From bright and bold colors to the dark navy bridesmaid dresses worn on the day, nothing ever felt more perfect than expressing their love for one another through the ceremony. Another super cute and amazing twist was the flower girls who wore cream dresses and placed petals on the aisle for the bride before her big reveal.

It was enough to make any of their guests cry, which is probably why most of them did. The couple perfectly captured the traditional wedding feel they wanted while also not losing the modern vibe that so many newly-weds wish to have. The ceremony took place at cherry hills community church, and the service was beyond beautiful. The acoustic guitar, the venue and the dressed-up guests all made the day a little bit better. But, one of the best and most important things about Alpha and Julia’s big day was theirs after party and a sit-down meal.

A huge hall filled with rounded cream-cloth tables and fancy chairs, and the added baby pink roses were an impressive choice. They allowed guests to sign their vintage guest book and invited everyone to have a good time. The two families came together well to celebrate the two’s wedding day, and that sense of unity really shone brightly during the ceremony and after-party. The pictures of their big day only capture some of the fun and exciting times everyone had throughout the day there. It was definitely a wedding no one will be forgetting anytime soon. Cultured wedding heaven.


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