Real Wedding – Shelby & James

Silhouette: A-Line/Princess

Wedding Date: January 6, 2018

Location: Lone Oak Barn, Round Rock, TX

Wedding Theme: Christian

Photographer: Kati Maxwell Photography

Dress ID: #56567

Color: Burgundy

Shelby married an amazing pianist, James. This gorgeous proposal makes our heart skip a beat! After a five month engagement, they finally had their romantic ceremony, we can’t help but to fall in love with this sweet couple! Congratulations on getting married!

Q: What is your engagement story ?

“James is an amazing pianist. He took me to a place that overlooks the city of Austin, where we live, and he played and sang “Of Crows and Crowns” by Dustin Kensrue for me. It was absolutely beautiful. His friends had set up his keyboard and put up banners with bible verses about marriage to decorate. When he was done playing the song, he asked me to marry him. I said yes before he got the whole question out. ”

Q: What location did you choose to get married? What made you choose this venue?

“We picked Lone Oak Barn in Round Rock, TX. We picked this venue because it was available and beautiful. We had about a five month engagement, so we took what was available, but we loved what we ended up with. ”

Q: What made you choose JJsHouse?

“My maid of honor is 6 feet tall and my husband’s 12 year old sister was also a bridesmaid, so we needed something with variety in terms of sizing. We also wanted long dresses and most long dresses are really expensive. We were able to find the beautiful bridesmaid dresses on JJ’s house website for what we thought was a good price. Each bridesmaid could put there measurements in, and there was a matching junior bridesmaid dress option. It was a perfect option for us! ”


Q: How did you feel in your dress?

” I felt pretty special, like I could take on the world in my dress. This makes little sense though given that it would be hard to do many things in such a big, beautiful dress. ”

Q: What was your favorite moment of the day?

“When I saw James when I was walking down the aisle. I was so excited to be his wife… I’m still so excited that I’m his wife. 🙂 ”

Q: Three words that sum up your day?

“Christ’s love abounds”


Q: What’s your best tip for dressing for the big day to share with other brides?

“Wear comfortable shoes! I wore sparkly Keds, and it was a great choice. No one can see your shoes anyway, and it’s worth it to be comfortable. ”


A big thanks to Kati Maxwell Photography for letting us share these lovely photos.


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