JJSHOUSE REAL WEDDING —— Andreea and Irinel

Silhouette: A-Line/Princess

Wedding Date: 9 June, 2019

Dress ID: 126443

Color: Turquoise

1.How did you choose your bridesmaid dress?

I have chose my bridesmaid dress having in consideration the bride’s requirements such as colour, length, style and fabric.

2.How did you feel in your dress?

I must say I felt amazing in that dress. First of all it was beautiful, the colour and the shape and the way it was exactly my size just made me love it. I need to mention that the wedding’s location was in East Europe in June and the temperature was already high, there was a proper summer in that day registering 34 degrees Celsius and for me coming from rainy London it was too much. The first part of the wedding (11am – 9pm, yes the wedding finished at 6am the next day) I had to spend it outside with the guest and running after the bride wearing this dress and trying to make everyone happy. Honestly I was running around in hot weather and at some point I couldn’t even pay anymore attention to my dress to be carefull not to stain it or wrinkle it. However my dress didn’t dissapoint me not even one second, mine comparing with the other 3 bridesmaids was looking amazing like I just put in on. It kept me cool and beautiful for 10h and I loved it, also I received numerous compliments from the wedding guests.

3.What made you choose JJsHouse?

I needed a dress for being my cousins’ bridesmaid. I consider my cousin being my brother as I have no siblings and we grow up together with another cousin as well. Both of them decided to get married in the same summer in Europe and there I was coming out of a few years relationship, living alone and being broke in London having to attend the most important weddings of my life (maybe more important than mine) and also being a bridesmaid for one. I couldn’t dissapoint with my look and my budget was very tight. And so I found JJ House on Google offering me exactly what I needed: a customised dress with my measurements, colour and model for an excellent price! I couldn’t really believe it but I ended up being impressed! The dress came on time and it was exactly what I asked for. The fabric was exactly what my bride wanted and the way the dress was done it was wonderful.

4.What was your favorite moment of the day?

My favourite moment of the day was the Bride’s and Groom dance at the begining of the party.

5.Three words that sum up the wedding day?

Romance, Style and Happiness.

6.What’s your best tip for dressing for the big day to share with other bridesmaid?

Bridesmaid try to chose your outfit taking in consideration the weather, bride’s requirements and to feel comfy and elegant as much as you can while looking stunning!

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