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How do you define ‘Fashion’?
“I would define fashion as being out of the box and making your own style and personality. Fashion can be done in so many ways; Hair, clothing, accessories, shoes and makeup.”

What kinds of styles do you prefer if you prepare a party look.
“I always prepare a party look depending on the weather, the time of the year and what kind of party it is. But the “little black dress” always works for every occasion. At least most of them.”

Who are some of your favorite designers, fashion writers, stylists, photographers, etc.?
“I have so many favorites! I love watching YouTube videos from fashion shows, makeup tutorials and Instagram accounts of talented photographers. I think designers as Balmain are very trendy and innovative. Stylists like Christina Ehrich, Kate Young and Monica Rose are a huge inspiration in the Fashion World to mention some of them.”

Where did you find/hear about JJ’s House?
“I heard about JJsHouse when I first competed in Miss Universe. I was looking for designers and dresses to wear on the stage and during the competition. I loved that JJsHouse had so many dresses to offer for every occasion! I needed Evening dresses, gowns and cocktail dresses for the different red carpet party’s and dinners.”

Why did you choose JJ’s House?
“I love every design JJsHouse have for the different occasions! I also love the texture and fabric that you can choose for you measurements and style of the dress you choose. So many different colors and styles for every dress from their website.”

What do you think of the dress you received from us?
“I loved the dress I received for JJsHouse!! Perfect fit, perfect shape, perfect measurements for my body and a lovely fabric that made the dress look so elegant and beautiful. My dress fits for every occasions. For a nice dinner, a red carpet party or maybe a wedding.”

Any advice for us to improve our website and social media?
“I wouldn’t changed a thing! Loved the website and that it was easy to find the dress and style I was looking for!”

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Huge thanks to @elisedalby for sharing these amazing photos!
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