The Most Amazing Real Flower Wedding Dresses Art

Wedding dresses either being embellished with multiple layered organza flowers or floral lines sketched by crystals or pearls, give us a natural feel and are truly beautiful.
How about dresses made with true flowers? This may sound impractical. But Zita Elze, a horticultural artist from UK, brought it to life.
Zita Elze was born in Brazil and went on to study horticultural design and upholstery design.

Zita Elze stitched cream-colored, light pink and peak green flowers and leaves onto satin and these formed the upper part of wedding dresses. The skirt part were made to As for the skirts of those dresses, they were made to be trains of feather and organza.

Zita Elze said the flowers and leaves that she had chosen were very soft and felt like fur, “I would like to make floral wedding dresses that can be worn on your body, rather than ones could only be displayed in the show window.”


Besides flower wedding dresses, Zita also made other accessories set with flowers, such as bridal handbags and bumbersoll.


Not only does Zita Elze create stunning living bridal gowns but she also designs beautiful table centrepieces for weddings – amazing!
Let us know your thoughts on these kind of dresses?


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