Queen Victoria’s wedding gown

Historically, brides did not all wear white wedding dresses. But why do modern brides wear white dresses nowadays? Then we must mention the most important person who is Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria’s wedding gown
Queen Victoria’s wedding gown

In 1840 Queen Victoria married her first cousin, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. The wedding was of course a momentous occasion, both politically and in terms of fashion. The bride wore a gown of rich white satin, trimmed with white lace matching her veil, and a crown of orange blossoms. The only spot of color was the beautiful sapphire brooch Albert had given her as a wedding present.

At Victoria’s times, royal brides in England and other European countries wore cloth of gold and silver, but Victoria break with tradition and wear a white dress.

Since Victoria was not an ordinary bride, she needed to make a statement as the leader of her country, not as an ornament to the throne and the future mother to the heir to the throne. So Victoria chose a dress that made a political statement. A dress put her duty to her kingdom on display, rather than her wealth or beauty.

But it was not until the 1850s and 1860s that the trends that Queen Victoria had initiated became widespread for brides. The high profile marriages of other British royal brides, such as Victoria’s daughter, Victoria the Princess Royal, and her daughter in law, Alexandra of Denmark, who both followed the traditions set by Victoria, helped to further conventionalize white wedding dresses.

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