Quarantine Date Ideas for Couples to Strengthen Relationship

“For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and health, till death do us part,” – the most traditional wedding vow we always hear at a wedding. Sometimes, a couple could be swayed by unexpected happenings, but it shouldn’t let that crisis take over, instead, hold onto love.

No matter how long you and your partner are in a relationship, the key is to keep the sparks. At-home dates are definitely something that can help you stay deeply in love or to reconnect with your loved one after a long day. These dates can be fun, relaxing, and most of all, they are within the comforts of your home.

Afraid of spending too much on a date? Stay-in dates don’t require spending a lot of money. You do not need to shop for new evening dresses for your date, instead, you can just wear something casual that you see in your closet. You can be creative too – thinking about something both you and your partner will enjoy. On another note, these dates can make a huge impact on your relationship.

Here are our top 10 home date ideas for couples.

Candlelight Dinner at Home

Are you always tired coming from work and not given the chance to go out and have a walk with your partner? You can order some healthy takeaway food, try to make it something special, and call it a date. You both can wear formal attires and think you are outside on a romantic date. Wife – dress in the most fabulous evening gown you have. Husband – wear something special and sophisticated. You can arrange the table like you are in an expensive restaurant, choose some relaxing music, and light the candles. Pretend there is no electricity, just eat with the lit of the candlelight, and enjoy each other’s company. Simply romantic!

Candlelight Dinner Date at Home

Reading Together

Missing the time with your partner due to the hectic work schedules but you both love reading books? You can do some sort of a reading date – maybe at night after dinner. It may make the atmosphere so silent but at least you are enjoying each other’s presence. You can make coffee, tea or hot chocolate, eat some cookies, and sit in comfy chairs.

Solving Puzzles

One of the fun indoor activities that are suitable for everyone is doing a puzzle. Apart from having fun, doing puzzles improves memory and thought processes. Choose the ones you know you can finish for the night. This can be a daily routine for the couple – an hour every night can be a puzzle date night. If you’ve got kids in the family, you can include them in solving the puzzles. It does not only make the couple’s relationship stronger but also the family bond.

Playing Cards or Board Games

Cards and board games can be quite relaxing after a long day. Like puzzles, they reinforce the mind to think. Have some beer or wine, get some snacks, and enjoy playing cards or chess with your partner.


Home Spa Date

Home spa won’t cost a fortune yet it can be an evening well spent. Romantic bath with the drop of bath bombs might be just the thing you and your partner need. Slip into cozy bathrobes and simply relax.

Video Games Marathon

Video games may not be a thing for some couples but in today’s generation, it is a high possibility that they could have known each other through online video games. After the wedding, the couple may become more focused on work but there will always be a part that the couple will be missing such games. You can spare at least once in a while to catch up through playing. Prepare some snacks. You can make it a marathon and see who plays the games better!

Make Dinner or Dessert Together

Cooking food full of love will make each stomach feel contented. Instead of ordering food, why don’t you make it together? Cook the dish that you both love and enjoy preparing dinner together. Dress with the trendiest outfits you’ve got, play some relaxing music, sip some wine, and have a romantic dinner date.

Picnic or Camping at the Back Garden

If you live in a house with a garden, don’t hesitate to use it for an at-home date day or night. Have a picnic. Set up a tent for camping or spread a blanket for a picnic, prepare your favorite dishes, and don’t forget the wine! Doing it at night would be more romantic, especially if the weather is favorable. You can watch the starry sky together and make wishes upon the stars.

Movie Marathon

Watch movies you both can relate with. A movie marathon together will make you forget a bit of stress brought about by your chaotic schedules. Choose a series or your favorite movie, sit on the floor with cozy blankets, popcorn for a snack, and some soda or wine for drinks.

Listen to Old Records

For a special throwback evening, relax with the sound of old romantic records, your wedding songs or evergreen songs. You can always do some heart-to-heart conversations and drink some wine alongside. Dance if you got the chance. It will bring back old memories especially the sweet memories of your wedding.

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