Principles of wearing and matching wedding wraps

wedding wraps
wedding wraps

Five ways to wear wraps:

Hanging wraps down.

This is the most classic, common and tremendous way to wear wraps. People let two ends of wraps symmetrically hang on shoulders and flow down naturally in front of chest.

Buttoning wraps.

People will let wraps round over shoulders and fold the ends in front of chest and then stitch a delicate brooch. This way is a little formal. You could also pull the joint to one shoulder or the back, which will make you more charming and show your own personality.

Wrapping wraps.

You could wear large square or wide long wraps or wraps with slits in this way. Just let wraps rounding around your shoulders and arms and it could present the feelings of ease, satisfactory and quietness.

Wearing wraps like capes.

You could wear large or semicircular wraps in this way. It will give others romantic feelings which could be produced with large square or wide long wraps. But you’d better not choose any wraps made of heavy fabrics.

Creative ways to wear wraps.

You could dress up with your imagination. You could make a tie, pin some flowers into wraps or just wear them aggressively.

Tips of matching wraps:

  1. Wraps will match better with strapless or spaghetti straps wedding dresses. They’d better be made of the same fabrics which can present the better matching effects.
  2. If wedding dresses are complicated, you need a simple wrap to match with it. Otherwise, you could wear a luxurious wrap.
  3. It could make brides more elegant and graceful when white wedding dresses match with white or cream-colored wraps. While it could lengthen the proportions of brides figures if they choose some designed wraps.
  4. You need to choose wraps according to your figures: petite brides could choose wraps in pink and of high deflection; while tall brides should choose ones in heavy colors and of soft fabrics.
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