Preserving Your Wedding Day Memories in Modest Photos

Thanks to long-awaited excitement, few emotional brides and nervous grooms recall every detail of their wedding day memories. But trying to revive blurry memories of the most important and romantic moments is unnecessary. Your wedding album will preserve touching visual reminders of your celebration for decades. These hints and tricks will ensure that you look beautiful and your photographer catches all essential shots.


Women’s Apparel

In recent years, daring skin-baring bridal fashions have flaunted strapless and sleeveless cuts, plunging necklines, revealing bodices, open backs, illusion panels, tight fits, and flirty hemlines. Maybe you’re a discreet bride who wants to avoid shocking Grandma. Looking respectful in a distinguished church’s religious ceremony may be key. Or you hope to disguise some figure issues. Then you’ll love the modest bridal gowns replacing the nearly naked trend. They summon classy elements from traditional times while feeling modern and glamorous. Conservative styles allow you, current relatives, and future generations to view your photos with pride as you mature.

Search JJ’s House for plus-size wedding dresses that are inexpensive alternatives to revealing choices. Look for skin-concealing touches from raised necklines and backs to various sleeves in solid, lace, or sheer fabrics. Let your ceremony’s season guide sleeve length. Go for three-quarter to long sleeves in winter but short to half-length for summer. If you find a sleeveless, low-cut gown irresistible, add a chic solid, lace, or sheer jacket or wrap.

Filter your search by Trend Collections and Sweet & Flow for romantic silhouettes that drape softly over fuller figures. Then pick JJ’s House bridesmaids dresses with similar modest elements to continue your theme. Backlighting can make some fabrics seem transparent, ruining otherwise perfect wedding pictures. But wearing the right foundations underneath can achieve flattering, photogenic fits. Depending on their gowns’ styles, women may need bras, body shapers, and/or slips.


Professional Cosmetics

Makeup artists can prepare the bridal party from bride and bridesmaids to bride and groom’s mothers for portraits. Request waterproof eye makeup to outlast tears of joy.


Bouquet Placement

You and your attendants should hold your bouquets in dropped positions from waistline to lower. While looking flattering, that location prevents flowers from hiding front plus-size wedding dress embellishments.


Photographer’s Shot List

Book an experienced photographer with an assistant to chronicle every precious moment of your wedding day. To receive multiple options, request various pictures from posed to candid. Provide a shot list so your photographer will capture every image you want. Typical examples include:


Before your ceremony:

  • Wedding invitation
  • Bridal gown on hanger
  • Embellishment close-ups
  • Veil/jewelry/garter/shoes
  • Bride/groom preparations/looking in mirror/out window
  • Bridesmaids/groomsmen getting ready
  • Mother buttoning or zipping bride’s dress
  • Fastening bride’s necklace
  • Full-length back view of bride wearing gown, showing train and veil
  • Bride/groom pinning on mother’s corsages/father’s boutonnieres
  • Bridal bouquet close-up
  • Bride/groom hugging parents/leaving for ceremony


Wedding venue:

  • Setting’s exterior/empty interior styling including flowers and candles
  • Guest arrivals
  • Parents/grandparents entrance/seating
  • Maid of honor/bridesmaids procession
  • Ring bearer and flower girl walking down aisle
  • Groom/groomsmen watching processional
  • Officiant
  • Musicians
  • Altar
  • Dad’s first look at his daughter
  • Close-up of bride before entrance
  • Father escorting bride into to the altar
  • Groom’s first sight of bride
  • Unity ceremony
  • Couple exchanging vows/rings/first kiss
  • Newlyweds’ recessional


Prior to your reception

  • Bride alone/with groom
  • Mr./Mrs. holding hands/kissing
  • Close-up of rings
  • Maid of honor/bridesmaids with bride
  • Best man/groomsmen with groom
  • Newlyweds with full wedding party/parents/families


Reception hall:

  • Site exterior
  • Guest book
  • Room decorations/table settings/centerpieces/monogrammed napkins/wedding favors
  • Head table/couple’s place cards
  • Musicians/DJ
  • Buffet or plated dinner
  • Wedding and groom’s cakes
  • Gift table
  • Couple’s arrival
  • Receiving line
  • Bride/groom with friends
  • Newlyweds’ first dance
  • Father/bride dance
  • Mother/groom dance
  • Guests dancing
  • Duo cutting cake/feeding each other
  • Champagne toasts/sips with newlyweds’ reactions
  • Marriage license signatures
  • Bride tossing bouquet
  • Getaway car
  • Couple leaving reception
  • Guests throwing rose petals, confetti, or birdseed
  • Newlyweds getting in car/waving/driving away


Picture-Perfect Posing

Follow these to ensure you look confident and beautiful in every posed image:

  • Turn your outer shoulder to a 45-degree angle.
  • Rest your outer arm on your hip, accentuating your waist.
  • Cross your ankles or bend one knee to slim your hips.
  • Turn one cheek to reveal your best side.
  • Tilt your chin for a more chiseled look.
  • Angle your chin downward, slenderizing your face.
  • Press your face forward to trim your body.
  • Push your tongue up to elongate your neck and tighten a double chin.
  • Relax your face, part your lips, and smile slightly with genuine feeling.
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