Top Tips to Choose Right Pageant Dresses for Your Girl

A-Line Asymmetrical Flower Girl Dress - Satin/Tulle Sleeveless Scoop Neck With Flower(s)/Bow(s)/V Back

You either love or change a channel when you see pageant competitions. Little girls all dressed up in beautiful pageant gowns, with their hair and makeup done might seem like a bit too much. However, what we need to know is that these girls are focused and trained to win. Just like in any other competitive sport we know about.

Pageant dresses are beautiful and not cheap. You need to find the one that screams victory, which can be tricky most of the time. That is why we have prepared a guide that helps you find the right dress for your little girl. Here is what you need to do to find a dress for the win.

Research And Plan Ahead

Every good shopping starts with research and planning. That is how you will know the latest trends and will be able to choose the best piece of garments you are shopping for.

First of all, start with researching pageant dresses. It is important to consider the type of girl’s pageant competition so you would know which dress to pick. While some competitions allow dresses that are slightly modest, others are voting for those that are made in flashy colors, with a lot of embroidery and beddings.

Sit with your daughter and make a plan for the dress you would like to find. It is best to make a balance and not overdo things with extreme makeup, hair, and outfits.

Establish Your Budget

As we already mentioned, pageant dresses can be pretty expensive. Altogether you can spend more money than you have originally planned if you don’t establish your budget.

In JJ’s House, we offer you pageant dresses that are in the price range from $50 to $100, depending on the color and material. Don’t forget to put aside money for makeup and hair. This usually costs from $50 to $300. You should also count on a participation fee that can cost anywhere between $20 and $750.

Know The Body Type

While there are many cuts and fits of pageant dresses, they might not fit all body types that girls have. The A-line dresses might be the most versatile ones, while ball gowns with ruffled skirts can swallow petite girls. If you are short-waisted don’t pick the dresses with a long waistline and vice versa.

Make sure to talk with a professional in the store about your daughter’s body type and choose a dress accordingly.

Types of Pageant Dresses and Style

These are some of the popular types of pageant dresses and our suggestions on how to style them.

Ball Gown/Princess Pageant Dress

Ball-Gown/Princess Floor-length Flower Girl Dress - Tulle/Lace Sleeveless Scoop Neck With Ruffles
Dress ID: 192413

This lovely white ball gown dress will leave judges breathless. The embroidered bodice and ruffled skirt are amazing for both natural and glitz pageant competitions. The satin waistband looks very elegant and chic. Due to the scoop neckline, you won’t be able to put many pieces of jewelry, but a pair of earrings will be just fine.

Knee-Length Pageant Dress

A-Line Knee-length Flower Girl Dress - Tulle/Lace Sleeveless Scoop Neck With V Back
Dress ID: 153229

Not all pageant dresses need to be floor-length. Some girls have difficulties walking in long dresses, so you can consider this option as well. It is not less elegant. On the contrary, it will give your pageant outfit a whole new look. The baby pink dress with floral-inspired bodice and tulle skirt looks adorable.

Printed Pageant Dress

Ball-Gown/Princess Floor-length Flower Girl Dress - Satin Sleeveless Straps
Dress ID: 183547

The dress made of satin with floral print is completely fine for the pageant competitions. This dress is suitable for natural competitions, where flashy colors, tulle, and anything embellished is not welcomed. Delicate floral print will make your girl lovely and beautiful.

A-Line Pageant Gown

A-Line Floor-length Flower Girl Dress - Tulle/Sequined Sleeveless Off-the-Shoulder With Lace
Dress ID: 217272

Full skirt, lace details, and satin – these are the words we can use to describe this gorgeous pageant dress. It is more than suitable for both types of pageant competitions. You can add accessories, jewelry, and nice shoes to make them even more eye-catching. This color will win the judge’s hearts.

Choose a Color

When choosing a color don’t forget to think about the season. If you are competing in fall or winter go for bit darker shades like navy, jewel tones, and grey. On the other hand, bright and pastel shades are more than welcome for spring and summertime.

The colors will look best with natural hair color and skin tone. Some colors will suit girls with a darker skin tone more, while others will suit girls with a more fair skin tone. The important thing to remember is to never buy a dress just because it is in your daughter’s favorite shade. If it doesn’t suit her skin tone and hair it won’t be judged well at the competition.

Choose a Type of Material

Since we are talking about girl’s pageant competitions, comfort and good materials should always be in the first place. Fabrics like satin and silk might be more expensive ones but they are certainly the most pleasant materials for your daughters’ pageant dresses. Also, tulle and lace can be chosen as part of the dress decoration.

You can find many dresses made of sequined fabrics. That is great as long as they have some pleasant material on the inside.

Try-On Multiple Dresses

Even if you already have chosen the dress you like, try multiple ones. Sometimes the one you think that won’t fit – fits the best! Try different colors, at least the ones you know will match your eyes, skin tone, or hair color. Different dresses silhouettes will fit different body types. However, try the ones that you won’t usually shop for. Who knows – maybe that one will suit your daughter the best.


Pageant competitions are a joy for some mothers and daughters. When shopping for the dress, make sure to be prepared. Research put everything on paper and go with that into stores with your daughter. Let her try multiple dresses and choose what is best for her.

Remember, for natural pageant competitions you don’t need to worry about the dress too much. However, for the glitz ones, you should get a really good and suitable dress in order to win.

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