Must-Have Photos to Complete the Perfect Wedding Album

Wedding photography has been more and more popular over the years. It is not only enough to have portrait photos with your guests – you need something more to keep all those memories preserved. The wedding album should contain everything that you consider important – from your portraits, wedding dress, wedding shoes, wedding rings, the first dance, and so on.

While everybody will have their favorite shots, there are some that you have to include in order to make the perfect album, may it be the hard copy wedding album or your social media album. Having both would be brilliant. For instance, Facebook can always remind you of the memories of the wedding every year. You should imagine making a wedding album as writing a book. Start from the very beginning of your big day, the preparation, and the excitement all the way to the end – fireworks and dance.

These are some of the things that you should consider on your wedding photography checklist. 

Your Wedding Dress and Wedding Shoes

All wedding days start with preparations – the bride with her girls in her home, and the groom with his groomsmen in his room. Choose an excellent photo of your wedding gown as well as the close-up photo of your wedding shoes. Don’t forget to do the same with the groom’s suit and details, such as socks and cuffs.

Beautiful Hanging Wedding Dress and Wedding Shoes

Decor Items and Wedding Accessories

Some photographers like to zoom in on certain things and make incredible photos of that. We recommend including decors and other wedding stationery items in your wedding album – the bridal bouquet, invitation card, engagement and wedding rings, and decors. The list is long, and all you have to do is to pick your favorites. You can organize these smaller details in a collage and put them in 1 or 2 pages. 

Photo-shoot with the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

It would be nice to add photos of you and your bridesmaids or your groom with his groomsmen. Place at least three photos of you and your bridesmaids on one side and another page for your groom and his groomsmen. It would be better to limit the photos as there are yet several others to be included. The rest of the pictures can be arranged towards the end of the album if there are still more pages left.

Family Moments Before the Ceremony

Inform your photographer to take as many photos of your family members as possible. These may include shots such as your mom fixing your hair, your dad with tears in his eyes while happily talking to you, and your siblings hugging you. Pick those photos, where the unique emotions of your family members were closely taken.

The First Look

This photo unveils the very touching expression between the bride and her groom. The emotions are priceless. This moment could have happened before the ceremony or during the bride’s entrance. It may be very traditional; however, all your friends and family will enjoy seeing these photos.  

Aisle Walk

The significant moment of the bride walking down the aisle is a must-photo in the wedding album. Leave at least a page or two for the aisle walk as you include photos of the emotional expressions of the groom and the guests.

The Exchange of Rings

Wedding rings are symbolic. A photo of exchanging rings with your partner at the wedding ceremony should not be missed.

Sealed with a Kiss

“You may kiss the bride.” indicates that the wedding ceremony is nearly finished. This kiss is the very first official moment as husband and wife. This photo can be your most favorite shot, which can be made as your album cover.

First Dance

Every couple’s first dance is unique and quite emotional. As one of those most treasured moments, it needs to be captured and included in your album. 

First Dance - Bride and Groom Reception Photos

Parent – Child Dances

Not all brides and grooms are given the chance to dance with their parents on their wedding day, but you are truly blessed if your parents are still with you on the most significant day of your life. Treasure the dance with your mother or father, let the photographer take as many photos of you together, leading the dance floor.

Wedding Dance: Father and Daughter Moment on the Dance Floor

Cutting of the Wedding Cake

Choosing the wedding cake – its flavor alone – is stressful at some point. Make sure to include a photo of it or a photo of cutting the cake.

Party Candid Photos

Those spontaneous photos will be your favorite ones! With all the mixed emotions shown on these photos, pick the ones where you are enjoying the most. There will be a lot of these – from the beginning of the ceremony to the wedding reception. If you’ve got more pages left, then you can flood the remaining pages before the last page with these photos. 

A Great Send-off Photo

Have confetti poppers, balloons, or sky lanterns on your grand wedding exit. This beautiful moment is just so brilliant to finish off the wedding album. Sometimes overlooked, we hope this guide serves as a reminder not to forget this romantic send-off moment during the wedding planning.

Wedding Sparkles for a Romantic Send-off Moment

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