The Top 10 Colors for Wedding Dresses and their Meanings

For a very long time, the majority has preferred white or ivory wedding gowns. In recent times, some couples have become a bit liberal with other colors being boldly embraced for wedding dresses. We may say that at some point in time, these colored wedding dresses are influenced by some other cultures that do not use white or ivory, or it could be what is known as fashion. And, for each of these colors, there lies a message that the couple or rather the bride is trying to convey to those in attendance. We have stocked an abundant collection of dresses, and we would wish to explain the meanings behind the different colors for the various wedding dresses.

JJ's House Features madame.rhos wearing a Pure Dream Wedding Dress like 50s Dior Gown

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Known to be Traditional Colors

Let us check the most common colors for the wedding dresses. It could have been the most customary colors, however, they are still timeless, and nothing beats their modernity.

1.Ivory and White Dresses

These colors have dominated most of the traditional as well as modern wedding ceremonies. The purity, virginity, or innocence message about the bride are perfectly highlighted by these two colors, with ivory being increasingly preferred over white. The current fashion trend has stocked a variety of black and white wedding dress designs that you could pick from.

Trendy Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dress in Ivory

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2.Off-White Wedding Dresses

Off white color, usually champagne or cream is also an alternative to ivory and white. These colors are very close to ivory and sometimes mistaken as ivory. Symbolizing innocence, some brides would view off-white shades as unique colors with thoughts that white and ivory are too common.Fabulous Off White Wedding Dress with Pockets - JJ's House Style Gallery by angel.gower

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3.Bold Red Gowns

Red is the color of love and this is especially clear on Valentine’s Day. It is a bold color that additionally expresses the inner passion, strength, and energy in the bride. You will find it hard not to notice red wedding gowns.

Traditional Indian Red and Gold Wedding Attires for Bride and Groom, Symbol of Love and Abundance

A red wedding dress, called qipao, is also the traditional Chinese bridal dress. To tradition, it symbolizes happiness or celebration, prosperity, fertility, and good luck. Indians also wear red wedding dresses enhanced with radiant gold accents. The same with the Chinese beliefs, Indians see the shades as colors for prosperity and fertility. Meanwhile, with Indian culture, they associate red to the rising sun.

4.Blue Wedding Dresses

For Hindus, blue-colored things equal to bravery, stable mind, determination, and depth. But, what does it mean for wedding dresses? The significance could be the same as what Hindus believe. Wearing blue wedding dresses on your big day expresses decisiveness, calmness, and peace of mind. Accordingly, during medieval times, this shade was a common choice used to represent purity.

Gorgeous Priyanka Chopra in her Amazing Blue Wedding Dress, a Symbol of Peace and Purity

Other Colors or Non-Traditional Shades

There are a lot of superstitious beliefs when it comes to the different colors of wedding dresses. Sometimes, these views would even affect your decision when it comes to finalizing your bridal gown. There is not much debate when it comes to traditional colors. But, what if you love to wear something different on your special day. Let’s continue reading.

5.Dashing Pink Wedding Gown

Pink is not quite different from white or ivory as it emphasizes femininity and the innocence of the bride. A bride will appear to be more fresh and flirty to the groom which adds some youthful ambiance to the wedding ceremony, perfect for a young couple.

Dashing Pink Wedding Gown for a Young and Ultra-Feminine Look

Dress ID: 134395

6.Orange Wedding Dresses

Though less commonly seen, orange dresses are for those who want to appear different. They represent youthfulness and vitality in a young bride. It is a color for a more adventurous couples who wish to present this in a flamboyant fashion.

Flambouyant Fashion - Beautiful Orange Wedding Gown Represents Youthfulness and Vitality

Dress ID: 171957

7.Witty Light Yellow Wedding Dress

If you are a couple who wishes to convey a message of being wise in a more lively way, a yellow gown is your best pick. It represents some desirable level of curiosity and humor with modest focus laced on these.

Light Yellow Wedding Dress - Symbol of Happiness and Wisdom

8.Green Wedding Dress

Nature is represented by green, a conservative, and calm color. A bride will appear to be in harmony, more refined, and quite flexible by donning a green wedding dress. Brighter shades of green represent some deep level of loyalty and compassion.

Emerald Green Wedding Dress Represents Nature and a Symbol for Calmness and Harmony

9.Purple Wedding Dresses

Purple and regency are associated with royalty. It also denotes power and strength. Wearing a purple wedding dress will bring out the queen in you.

Royalty and Mystery - The Message of this Ethereal Purple Wedding Dress

10.Gold Bridal Gowns

Gold color attracts wealth. Despite symbolizing extravagance, the color also radiates abundance which is why some brides would prefer wearing gold wedding dresses.

Gold Wedding Dresses for Luxury and Abundance


These are not just the colors that are available for wedding dresses. You can find many more in the market – silver and grey for maturity, brown and nude for reliability, and other shades. If you love the color for your wedding dress, you can simply choose that color. No law says that a bride can only wear a white wedding dress. Maybe, some beliefs would say so, but fashion and trends have started to overrule those notions. Remember, it is your wedding, and you will be the star. You will never know, you will wow them in your chosen color.

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