The Meaning behind the Colors for Wedding Dresses

For a very long time, people have stuck to the white or ivory as their preferred wedding gown colors. In recent times, some couples have become a bit liberal with other colors being boldly embraced for the wedding dresses. For each of these colors, there lies a message that the couple or the rather the bride is trying to convey to those in attendance. We have stocked an abundant collection of dresses, and we would wish to explain the meaning behind the colors for the various wedding dresses.


Wedding Dresses with Different Kind of Colors

Ivory and White Dresses
These colors have dominated most of the traditional as well as modern wedding ceremonies. The purity and innocence message about the bride are perfectly highlighted by these colors, with ivory being increasingly preferred over white. The current fashion trend has stocked a variety of black and white wedding dress designs that you could pick from.

Dashing Pink Gowns
The Meaning behind the Colors for Wedding DressesPink is not quite different from white as it emphasizes femininity and the innocence of the bride. A bride will appear to be more fresh and flirty to the groom which adds some youthful ambience to the wedding ceremony, perfect for a young couple. JJshouse has an adequate collection of affordable wedding dresses made in pink.

Bold Red Gowns
Red is the color of love and this is especially clear on Valentine’s Day. It is a bold color which additionally expresses the inner passion, strength and energy in the bride. You will find it hard not notice red wedding gowns.

Orange Gowns
Though less commonly seen orange dresses are for those who want to appear different. They represent youthfulness and vitality in a young bride. It is a color for a more adventurous couple who wish to present this in a flamboyant fashion.

Witty Light Yellow Wedding Dresses
The Meaning behind the Colors for Wedding DressesIf you are couple that wishes to convey a message of being wise in a more lively way a yellow gown is your best pick. It represents some desirable level of curiosity and humor with modest focus laced on these. Contact JJshouse to get cheap wedding dresses under 100, with a beautiful collection of yellow gowns as well.

Green Gowns
Nature is represented by green, a conservative and calm color. A bride will appear to be in harmony, more refined and quite flexible by donning a green wedding dress. Brighter shades of green represent some deep level of loyalty and compassion.



These are not just the colors that are available for wedding dresses; you can additionally find many more in blue, purple as well as gold just to mention a few. We have an easy to use website where you can order for cheaper wedding dresses through our wedding dresses for sale online services.




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