Bombshell Marilyn Monroe Style Lessons, Sexy and Timeless

Marilyn MonroeIf there is any person that has marked the style of the 20th century, then that is definitely Marilyn Monroe. She was a sexy bombshell, blondie with seductive curves, and an impeccable style.

The actress and singer was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson in 1926. Her style continues to inspire all of us until this day. She had her signature style formulas: wearing high-waist bikinis, pencil skirts, ball gown for special occasions and her favorite cocktail dress with the halter neckline.

Let’s check out what style lessons we have learned from Marilyn Monroe way of dressing.

Cocktail Dress – Looking Retro but Modern

This white cocktail dress that Marilyn was wearing in the “Seven Year Itch” is probably one of her most iconic dresses. This photo was one of the most popular of Marilyn, and it serves to define her. The white halter dress with the pleated bottom is one of the most flattering dresses that you can own. This evening dress is perfectly working with slingback heels, as well as with classy stilettos.

This bombshell dress with polka dot print is just another dress that you can wear nowadays! It fits perfectly to ones with curves, as well as with lean women. The dress that Marilyn wore was designed for a movie “Seven Year Itch.” It goes below your knees, so it is perfect for equally day and evening occasions. Imagine how it will match with the straw bag, which is so trendy at the moment!

Red was one of the Marilyn Monroe’s favorite colors. It was also her kind of trademark – all red dresses that she has worn were caught by the eye of the photographers and fashion gurus. High-waist is highlighted, and it will perfectly show your body figure. The ruffles on the neckline look timeless. Even today this dress will look modern and very sophisticated.

What is a woman without a floral print dress in her closet? I would say that Marlyn would definitely agree. We all need a cocktail dress with an open back and delicate retro floral print. It matches perfectly with white heels. They are popular again!

Ball Gown and Evening Dress – Sophisticated and Glamorous Looks

If you follow fashion trends, then you probably know that animal print came back to style through the big door. Marilyn Monroe loved the leopard print on her evening dresses. The maxi dress will perfectly highlight all your curves, and don’t forget the back! V-neck back is the perfect way to show off some skin, but not in a vulgar way.

Ball Gown and Evening Dress

beautiful woman in sexy dress

Above is another iconic dress that Marilyn was wearing on the set for the “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” The dress has a lovely mermaid cut and perfect orange color that can be worn even nowadays. The shiny straps, as well as the neckline, make this dress ideal for special occasions. Add a glamorous finish touch by adding shiny earrings and the scarf in the same color as the dress.

Many women were so jealous of Marilyn when she showed up dressed like this. Some claim this is quintessential Marilyn. Satin ball gown dress with the white fur stole is definitely one of her most glamorous looks. Along with her impeccable hairstyle and red lipstick as her signature, she has undoubtedly inspired women to dress like this for the beautiful ceremonies.

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