A-Line Wedding Dresses Perfect For All Body Types

Your wedding day is a special, and every bride wants to look beautiful and perfect. Most brides dream of a wedding gown that flatters their favorable body parts while hiding the less desirable traits. A-line wedding dresses will help you achieve this elegant, unique look.

A-line dresses are fitted from the shoulders to the waist and widens up as they flow naturally to the hems forming the shape of capital A. The A-shape for most dresses is designed from the waist and bust by use of seams or darts and flares to the side at the upper hip area giving you a streamlined and slim appearance.

When buying your wedding gown, you need to know the following about A-Line Wedding Dresses.

  • They Suits All Body Shapes

The dresses flatter almost all body sizes and shapes. For instance, this dress creates an illusion of height to a short bride. The dress will also slim down the round figured bride as it creates an illusion of curves for those with a narrow frame. It is also the perfect design for a bride who wants to hide their tummy.

  • Venue

The wedding venue is a vital consideration when choosing your ideal wedding dress. With an A-line dress, you don’t need to worry much about your wedding venue since it is perfect for every type of ceremonies from a simple, quiet backyard ceremony to a grand church wedding ceremony.

  • Can You Move Easily with an A-Line Dress?

A wedding ceremony especially the reception is full of fun and excitement and characterized by a lot of dance. For the energetic bride who wants to dance in her wedding, an A-line dress is the best for you since it will give you a chance to put on any shoes that you are comfortable wearing.

The Types of A-Line Wedding Dresses

An A-line Wedding dress is so simple to modify with different types of necklines. Designers can use various fabrics to construct the skirt to accentuate your desired body assets and hide the less desired body features. We have different types of A-line wedding dress, some of which include:

  • A-line wedding dress with sweetheart neckline
  • A-line wedding dress with sleeves
  • Off the shoulders A-line wedding dress
  • A-line wedding dresses with straps

Tips When Choosing A-Line

  • For those with a pear-shaped body type, you should always make sure that the dress starts to flare higher at the sides than the broadest part of your body.
  • The Hourglass bodied bride will have a perfect look when the A-Line shape begins at hip or thigh level to showcase off her curves.
  • Brides with an apple shaped body type should buy the dress that the flare starts above the waist and at the waist to hide your protruding tummy.
  • The rectangular body shaped type should wear a dress that flares from the abdomen or at the waist to give you an illusion of a smaller waistline


We believe from the above discussion, A-line wedding dresses are the best to give the modern bride an elegant and classic look on their wedding. The fact that an A-line wedding dress is suitable for all body shapes and sizes makes it the perfect dress for you and you can never go wrong with this gown.


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