Latest Wedding Color Combinations We Can’t Get Enough Of


Once upon a time, it was not so important to choose wedding colors for your celebration day. However, fortunately, these days are over. Nowadays, both groom and bride select their wedding palette carefully and to be more personal. Depending on that they mix dark shades with bright ones, wildflowers with tropic and rustic with modern.


When selecting your colors, always consider the temperature. The colors are divided into two groups – warm ones such as red, orange, or yellow and cold colors like blue, green, purple or gray. Don’t be afraid to mix them. If you are not quite sure how you can make your wedding be remembered forever, follow our ultimate guide.


Blue, Red, Orange, and Yellow

Even though it seems like the unpairable combination, this can look amazing if the theme of your wedding is fresh, youngish and with the Californian vibe. There is no particular dominant color. They are all used in the same amount forming a beautiful ensemble.


Orange, Yellow, and Pink

Fresh citrus tones are ideal for summer weddings, open spaces, and sunny weather. Different kind of wildflowers in many citrus colors will surely make your guest smile, while the plates that have contrasting shades of orange and yellow look very refreshing.


Pink, Beige, and Green

For more subtitle combinations such as this pink and beige one, you need one shade only to make the whole mix vibrant and eye-catching. In this case, it is achieved with green wine glasses. The napkins in soft pink color, as well as cutlery in rose gold and white china are vintage and beautiful.

Blush Pink and Gold

Blush pink and gold is always a good idea! It looks modern, minimal and very romantic at the same time. You can spice up this mix with interesting matte black and white plates and some wild fruits like blueberries. Keep your wine glasses transparent and your vases with some pink flowers as well.


Purple and Pink

For a perfect fall wedding, why don’t you try some darker and cooler shades like purple and pink combination? It looks more than glamorous – the combination of these two shades is very sophisticated. Purple blossom match with purple tablecloth and napkins.


Turquoise Black, and Gold

If you want to opt for something to be sophisticated, classic and elegant, then there is no better way to achieve that than with turquoise, gold, and black. Even though it might sound strange because all of these colors belong to that cool-shades group, when paired together they give your celebration a perfect level-up.

Black and Gold

Classic yet timeless combination will always be one of our favorites. Whether you like your wedding colors to be settled in a modern or minimal way, black and gold is still a good idea to go with. Don’t worry that you will make your table setting boring – just make sure you add some lovely greenery in the center of the table!


What do you think? If it is on you, which of these wedding colors combinations would you choose? They are all fantastic and unique. So, if you would like to make your wedding perfect, always consult this guide.









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