Junior Bridesmaid: All Things You Need to Know

Many women prefer to include younger family members or their little sister in the wedding party. If there is a girl that is old enough to be a flower girl but doesn’t have enough years to be a bridesmaid – there is a solution. You can include her as a junior bridesmaid.

We are here to answer all your questions. Junior bridesmaids are kind of specific members of the bridal party, so many women don’t know what their duties are, how to set the rules, or how to choose junior bridesmaid dresses for them.

What is a junior bridesmaid?

First of all, what is a junior bridesmaid? It is a young member of your family that is old to be a flower girl, yet not old enough to be a bridesmaid. So she is called a junior bridesmaid. She might as well be sister-in-law, niece, a cousin, daughter, or even a friend’s daughter.

Junior bridesmaids are usually between 9 and 15 years old. They can be included in organizing a bridal shower or bachelorette party. However, there are many other things little bridesmaid can do.

Two junior bridesmaids throwing white flower petals

What Does a Junior Bridesmaid Do – Duties

Duties of junior bridesmaid vary from wedding to wedding, but there are some key events where they should be included.

  1. Helping with bridal shower and bachelorette party organization
  2. Attending Rehearsal Dinner
  3. Participating in Ceremony – walking down the aisle and standing at the altar
  4. Assisting bridesmaids with the cleanup
  5. Dress shopping – if you are close with the junior bridesmaid

What Does a Junior Bridesmaid Do – Rules

①When does she walk down the aisle

Traditionally, the junior bridesmaid walks ahead of your bridesmaids, which means she leads the procession. If you have opted that your bridesmaids go down the aisle with groomsmen, then you should find a pair for the junior bridesmaid as well. She should be escorted like the other women.

②Where does she fit into the ceremony order

Along with walking down the aisle with your bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids should also stand at the altar. She needs to stand far left, the farthest away from the bride, alongside with other bridesmaids.

③Should She Gets a Different Thank-You Gift From the Bride

You can think of something appropriate to give to your junior bridesmaid(s). According to their age, jewelry, clothes, and bags with monograms would be perfect gifts for the young lady(s). There should be no special gifts you should give. Simply something that you think a girl her age will like and something that will remind her of the wedding day. 

What Does Junior Bridesmaid Wear

Junior bridesmaids should wear the same dresses as other bridesmaids. However, if you think it is not age-appropriate, you can find the dresses specifically made for them, with even matching styles for other bridesmaids. We at JJ’s House can offer you many different colors and styles, as well as a perfect fit for your junior bridesmaid.

Dusty Blue Floor-Length Dress

Dusty blue floor-length dress with cut-out shoulders
Dress ID: 208591

Dusty blue is one of the colors that brides pick often for their bridesmaids. So, if you want your junior bridesmaid to match with other girls, make sure to pick this shade and this dress. It looks so romantic, with cut-out shoulders and floor-length.

Satin Burgundy Dress

Satin burgundy dress
Dress ID: 208579

If you would like your bridesmaids to look sophisticated, alongside junior one, you can pick a satin floor-length dress like this. You can be sure this dress will fit your fall and winter wedding themes.

Sequined Junior Bridesmaid Dress

Sequined gold junior bridesmaid dress
Dress ID: 191731

If your old bridesmaids are wearing champagne, beige, or creme dresses, then spice it up with this sequined junior bridesmaid dress. Classic lines, with no additional details, this dress will be a head-turner.

Short Mulberry Ruffle Dress

Short ruffled junior bridesmaid dress
Dress ID: 173277

Not all girls prefer walking down the aisle in long dresses. They might be afraid to fall or to trip over. You can find a solution together – a knee-length ruffle dress. Ruffle bodice and cut-out sleeves are appropriate for young girls.

Lace Floor-Length Dress

Two-toned junior bridesmaid dress with lace bodice
Dress ID: 230004

Lace is a great fabric for young girls. It makes the dresses look romantic, yet sophisticated. Young bridesmaids will look impeccable in this two-shaded dress with lace bodice.

Long-Sleeved Dress

Navy blue knee-length junior bridesmaid dress
Dress ID: 234018

If your wedding takes place in fall or winter, you need to make sure your little girl is cozy in her bridesmaid dress. Opt for long sleeves, and a knee-length dress made of chiffon. Navy blue shade will match with the wedding season as well!

Who Pays for the Junior Bridesmaid Dress?

While bridesmaids can pay for their dresses, it stays unclear who pays for the junior bridesmaid dress. Brides can offer to pay for the dress since the junior bridesmaid is often too young to pay it herself. Also, parents of the young girl can pay for the dress if they want.

After all, you don’t have to rush with making a decision. We recommend talking with the girls’ parents about it before making a final decision.

What Shoes are The Best for the Junior Bridesmaid?

Shoes as well as the dress need to be comfortable and stable in the first place. When it comes to your junior bridesmaid, always pick comfort over style. The same goes for shoes. They should be appropriate for girls’ age, comfortable, and stylish. Avoid heels if the girl is not confident while walking in them. You will avoid a disaster – tripping over the dress.

Flats, sandals with a small kitten or block heel, and even sneakers would be a perfect choice for young bridesmaids. If the dress is floor-length, shoes won’t even be visible under it. Don’t forget – your little bridesmaid needs to feel confident. Don’t dress her into something she is not comfortable wearing, both dress and shoes.

Do You Need a Junior Bridesmaid?

Do you even need a junior bridesmaid? Well, in the end, it is absolutely your choice. If there are young members of your family or friends you should definitely acknowledge how much they mean to you by including them. However, if there are no young members that you would like to have at your wedding, don’t force it just because someone told you to.

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