June bride: why is June a popular wedding season

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There are many reasons why June is so popular wedding month. Some of them are historical, others might even be considered as a myth. However, having a wedding in June can be quite practical, even if you don’t think about these historical things.

If you are thinking about getting married in June, scroll down to find more interesting things about this month and why it is a good idea to celebrate your wedding day.

The Historical Significance of June – What Does a “June bride” mean

According to the researches, the tradition of “June brides” comes from Ancient Rome. In Roman times they have celebrated Juno and her husband Jupiter on the first day of June. Juno was the goddess of marriage and childbirth.

Ancient Romans promoted May as an unlucky month for making your wedding celebration. That is because, in that time, they have celebrated the Feast of the Dead and the Festival of the Goddess of Chasity.

This celebration continued through Victorian times since in June you can find the most beautiful flowers for decor. In Medieval times people had baths annually, usually in May or June, brides would still smell fresh during the wedding ceremony. This is also how the custom of carrying a bouquet down the aisle was made. The brides would carry fresh flowers just to be safe they don’t smell bad!

Celtics were also helpful in making June so popular wedding month. Young couples then would often be paired on the Cross-Quarter Day on May 1. Sometimes they would date until August 1 when they got married on the next Cross-Quarter Day. However, many of those couples were impatient so they were getting married before, usually in June.

Finally, the June wedding also meant that the women will (hopefully) be newly pregnant in the summertime, so they can still help with a harvest that occurs at the end of June.

If we take a look at the present time, we can’t find that all these things are so relevant to the couples. People like June for the weather, blooming flowers, and most of all for the appropriate prices. So, practical reasons prevail and almost no one is thinking about history anymore.

However, it is nice to know these things about June and the famous “June bride”. If you still do believe in tradition, then we can’t see any reason why your wedding shouldn’t take place in June!

June Wedding Themes

Wedding themes are a good place to start when thinking about your big day. If you were actually thinking about getting married in June, these are just some of the themes you should consider.

Pink and Orange

Hot pink is one of those colors that won’t come to your mind unless you see how nice it looks live. In combination with orange, you will get an amazing table decor, perfect for June weddings. Peonies in fuchsia, blush pink, and orange look great in combination with simple grey plates.

Hot Pink and Orange Wedding Theme

Sage Green

Sage green is perfect for all seasons. However, when mixed with gold details and white tablecloths you get glamorous and sophisticated decor perfect for June weddings. Bohemian vibes are more than welcome.

Modern Sage Green Wedding Theme

Soft Blue

Soft blue is the prettiest when combined with white. White roses, a bit of eucalyptus, and wildflowers to mix up the things – you won’t be needing anything else.

Cool Soft Blue Wedding Theme

Blush Pink

Blush pink is perfect for June weddings. It looks so romantic, alone or combined with other shades. You can pick dusty pink roses, while other elements on the tables can be in bronze, gold, or copper.

Romantic Blush Pink Wedding Theme


Peach is a real color of spring and summer. June is a transitional month so making your wedding in peach tone is a perfect idea. Peach hues match with red, orange, and pink. You can make mixes out of these shades, or make the peach decor stands out itself.

Pink and Blue

This mix of colors is inspired by summer and Spain. Use plates with blue details and add simple white napkins. Floral decorations should be in the middle of every table. Yellow, pink, and white flowers are perfect for June weddings.

Fantanstic Pink and Blue Wedding Theme

All White

There is something extremely elegant and sophisticated about white decoration. Whether you combine it with plates in other shade or you decide to do all-white-everything you won’t make a mistake.

Pure All White Wedding Theme

The Content of the Traditional Wedding Party in June

The content of a June wedding party is nothing different than during any other month. You will probably have nice weather so the ceremony can take place outside. Since everything starts with the reception, you should make sure your reception is decorated with some of these shades we have mentioned. The wedding ceremony and the party can last until the late hours since the weather will be more than pleasant.

Consider the Honeymoon

If you choose June as your wedding month, then you should think ahead for the honeymoon as well. Since it is the beginning of summer, most of the hotels and popular vacation spots might be booked. Choose the honeymoon destination you would like and book it earlier to avoid any surprises. We suggest booking it a few months ahead.

Beach Wedding Theme with Blue Ocean and Gold Sand

Choose June as Your Wedding Date

Whether you are following tradition, listening to what your grandmothers say or you simply want to be married in summer, June is an amazing choice. You will enjoy nice weather, pleasant temperatures, and most of all blooming flowers. After all, maybe you should listen to what Ancient Romans were saying about June and get married this month. The goddess Juno will protect you through your marriage and during your pregnancy and childbirth.

What do you think about June brides? Do you think it is a good idea to be married in June?

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