Real Party – Hannah Jacqueline

“JJsHouse sent me a complimentary dress to review on my site, and I love it! The cut was gorgeous, the material was super high quality, and it fit perfectly! I’ve recommended them to many friends because of their high quality!”

Thank you Hannah for sharing your review, read and see more of her stunning photos below.

How do you define ‘Fashion’?
To me, fashion is how an person expresses themselves and their individuality in their own unique way through style.

What could our website accounts do better? Hope to get some advice.
I would love to see a section underneath all the color choices an example of a dress in each color.

Who are some of your favorite designers, fashion writers, stylists, photographers, etc.?
I love Johanna Hamilton (@coffeewithjohanna), Micah Gianneli (@micahgianneli), Andrea Brooks (@andreaschoice), and Leanne Marshall!

What kinds of styles do you prefer if you prepare a party look.
For a more casual party look, I love to wear jumpsuits and semi casual dresses. For a formal party, I love classy, evening gowns.

Why did you choose to review JJsHouse?
I chose JJsHouse because they have a huge variety of dress options which can be picked in tons of color options!

Where did you find/hear about JJsHouse?
I first found JJsHouse on Instagram and thought their dresses were beautiful!

Dress ID: 56632
Color: Champagne
Size: US4

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