Real Party – Benedetta Rossi

Stunning Benedetta! Thank you for sharing, read about her experience with us and see more of her stunning photos below.

How do you define ‘Fashion’?
“Fashion is a state of mind, everyone could be fashion also with cheaper dress. We must be able to combine them for obtein a fasionable look!”

What could our website accounts do better? Hope to get some advices.
“i’d like to see more photos of your dress worn by customers and i short story of the occasion, could be nice and interesting.”

Who are some of your favorite designers, fashion writers, stylists, photographers, etc.?
“I don’t have one style, i like to mix and change. Boho during the day, rock in the evening! So the brand i loved are so different; Saint Laurent, Isabelle Marant, Celine, Chloe’ are my best!!!”

What kinds of styles do you prefer if you prepare a party look.
“Inspiration party for exemple age 70th or 80th. Also the party with a specific matter are strong, what do you Think about Studio 54? It was a studio, but it sign an era!!!”

Why did you choose JJsHouse?
“I choose JJsHouse because dresses have a lot of character and the customized service is a great idea!”

What do you think of the dress you received from us?
“it’s special.”

Dress ID: 140361
Color: Red
Size: US8

Shoes ID: 59048
Color: Red

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