Real Party – Lydiacorzo


How do you define ‘Fashion’?
“For me, fashion is an art and a form of expression. Through our clothes we can give a lot of information about ourselves as a state of mind, tastes…etc.”

What kinds of styles do you prefer if you prepare a party look?
“To choose a look for a party I like to feel sexy with myself. I also like to be comfortable and I choose to wear discreet looks but with a touch that makes them different.”



Who are some of your favorite designers, fashion writers, stylists, photographers, etc.?
“I love Lovely Pepa, Collage Vintage, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn…”

Where did you find/hear about JJsHouse?
“I found this website thanks to another girl who wore a dress of his on Instagram.”



Why did you choose JJsHouse?
“I chose this store because they offer numerous dresses of different styles to find the perfect one for you.”

What do you think of the dress you received from us?
“I’m in love with the color of the dress and the size is perfect. It’s my dream’s dress.”



Do you have any advice for us to improve our website?
“I would add pictures of real girls wearing the dress, not just pictures of models.”




Dress ID: 124861

Collection: Homecoming Dresses

Color: As Picture

Instagram: @Lydiacorzo

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