JJ’s House Bridal Interview-Christa

Christa,who is a bride to be and has over 120k followers on Instagram. We are glad to collaborate with Christa and be a part of her wedding.We also did a little interview with her, let’s view it below.

1. How do you define ‘Fashion’?

Fashion is for me a possibility to show my inner feelings to The world.

2.What kinds of styles do you prefer if you prepare a formal look.

I prefer Pastell and bright colours Because I think it fits better to my tan and my hair Color.

3.Who are some of your favorite designers, fashion writers, stylists, photographers, etc.?

My favourite Blogger and Designer is @carmushka. I Love her style and her adorable, lovely character.

4.Where did you find/hear about JJsHouse?

I found JJshouse on Instagram and I Love it. I Never saw such a big onlineshop with such a lovely offer.

5.Why did you choose JJsHouse?

The Price and the quality of the dresses is Perfect. Even the wedding dresses Are so adorable.

6.What do you think of the dress you received from us?

I Love it! I haven‘t woren it only one time. The Next wedding will Follow 🙂

7.What could our website accounts do better? Hope to get some advice.

In some cases I miss photos of the dresses in another color. You can See only one color of Every dress.

You can view Christa Instagram:_christelle____

The ID of Christa’s wedding dress is 118435

beautiful woman in wedding dress
woman in wedding dress and hold flowers

woman in wedding dress

woman in wedding dress

woman in wedding dress

woman in wedding dress

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