9 Tips on How to Take Perfect Selfies Like a Celebrity

Group of people holding a phone to take a selfie

Let’s be honest here – a selfie is that one perfect shot selected from a thousand that we didn’t like. According to the Urban Dictionary definition of selfie goes like this: “Selfies are a style of photography wherein

1) the photographer’s own face is included in the photograph,

2) and the camera is held by the photographer when the photo is taken.”

In the era of Instagram and Facebook, likes and double-heart taps taking a perfect selfie is a skill that you must possess. It is worth thousands of dollars, nonetheless!

You need to know that even Kim Kardashian or her selfie-expert sister Kylie Jenner has started somewhere. Fortunately for us, they didn’t want to hide the secrets and tips on how to take a perfect selfie. Now, you will know how to do that. Prepare your Instagram feed to burn.

Selena Gomez making a selfie

Know Your Best Angles

To master angles that suit you the best, you need to snap a lot of shots! It is not the same posture that you should practice for a selfie and for a regular photo. Celebrities suggest trying to hold your phone just at or above the eye level. Also, you can make a perfect angle with holding a camera just in the level of your nose – it will show the lip shape amazingly.

Light is Everything

Jenifer Lopez has a tactic of spinning around in circles until she finds her perfect lightning. That is how you can pick an option that is the most flattering for your selfie.

The key is to always turn your head towards the light. The natural sunlight is perfect since it makes your skin glows. All celebrities chase good natural light – from Kendall Jenner to Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington Whitley. Be careful though – avoid putting your face at the direct sun. This can cast shadows on your face.

Michelle Phan recommends putting a white paper under you when you take your selfie. That is how you can make a perfect photo even if the lightning isn’t great.

Show Your Left or Right Side

We all have one good and one better side of the face that we like to photograph. Find out your favorite side and make sure to take a lot of selfies.

Kendall Jenner and 'Alien Sister' Kylie Practice Their Pouts in Matching-Makeup Selfies

Use an Editing App

The truth is all celebrities use editing apps for their selfies. An only a small number of them like to show off without makeup, without filter, and to leave their photos unedited.

So, you can also use an editing app to add more light, to add a filter, and to change the color of the photo. Of course, it is not in style to overdo it anymore. Those old Instagram filters are so passe, so make sure to be moderate when editing your selfies.

Use HD makeup

We like all-natural photos, but come on – selfies look great if you have even some makeup on. The key is to use makeup that suits you perfectly. Even if it is just a foundation, mascara, or your favorite lipstick. You need to use HD makeup to balance with the flash.

Besides using good quality makeup, you should put on makeup that is flattering to your skin tone and the color of your eyes. You won’t need a makeup stylist to do this – you can easily figure it out on your own.

Kylie with HD Makeup for Cool Selfie

Be Mindful of Your Background: Avoid Shadows

Try to keep your background as simple as possible. Don’t take selfies in front of flashy signs, messy rooms, or your bathroom, and avoid shadows. As we have mentioned earlier, being on sunlight is great for a photo, but try to find the perfect spot. If you are directly on the sunlight you can expect a shadow to be seen on your selfie.

Opt for a Mirror Selfie

If you would like to show off your new outfit, piece of jewelry, or hairpins that you have just bought then opt for a mirror selfie. According to Rosie Huntington Whitley using the back camera of your phone is better for selfies, so you can take photos in front of a mirror. “If you’ve got extra-long arms, you can shoot it this way and press the volume button so it shoots the picture, just so you know,” she said.

Diana Korkunova and Her Friend's Mirror Selfie

Practice Good Posture

Always stand up straight. Experts say never to slouch. Practicing good posture won’t make you feel only good on the photo, but you will also feel more confident and happy.

For Ashley Graham, the best pose is moving a body in an S shape. This pose will highlight the curves and make you feel beautiful, no matter how your body looks. Graham says to make sure you are in a comfortable position, whether you are laying on your bed or you are standing in front of a mirror.

Embrace Natural Expressions

Smile! Duck face is passe, even though it brings a lot of fun. If you don’t want to look too serious, try it. Sulky faces are always interesting. Shocked faces, however, are underrated.

Tyra Banks taught us how to smile with our eyes, aka smising and it is good to know this for taking a sexy selfie. A tongue face is good for specific angles, when smiling or duck face can cause double-chin.

A natural smile is definitely the best option. You can look fun, serious, or whatever you wish on your selfies, as long as you don’t look insincere.


After this taking selfies might sound a bit easier for you. The key is to always have fun. Never try to be artificial and don’t photoshop the photo so people won’t recognize who you are. Be natural, smile, make silly faces, or just be you – that is what people love to see.

Remember, you can take as many selfies as you wish, and then spend some time searching for the best one. Come on, we all do that. Even the biggest stars like Kardashians and supermodels.

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